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9200 UK and Marriage

9201 Meeting Getting Married UK – Philippines Couple

UK based person to be earning at least £18600, May 2021 https://www.gov.uk/uk-family-visa/proof-income – more if other intended half has children see

https://www.gov.uk/join-f, his family-in-uk/eligibility for more details.

If less than stated you will NOT get a married/spouse visa.

I have read of some very sad stories. An English broadcaster went to Austrailia married an Austrialian and had a familiy in Australia. He/They decided to return to the UK. His family were NOT allowed to enter the UK until he could prove he earned sufficient money. Proof was a year or so's work as he was "freelance" and an accepted/agreed "Tax Return" to show that he earned enough for his family to be allowed into the UK as he complied with the earnings requirements.

9202 For “registration” of the UK

marriage in the Philippines the Phillippine half needs:-

.... NSO Birth certificate

.... NSO Certificate of Singleness.

In our case we sent the above with our UK marriage certificate an the other requirements to the Philippine Embassy in London and in due course we received our NSO Marriage Certificate.

Refer to:- .. http://londonpe.dfa.gov.ph/consular-matters/civil-registry-certification . . for more details.

Divorce is not readily available in PI. If the Philippine half has been married and only separated … There will be many struggles to go through. It seems to be possible but rather unlikely :-( :-( The issue is obtaining a NSO Certificate of Singleness.

If the Philippine half is a widow/widower that is not a problem provided a NSO “death certificate” can be supplied so that a NSO Certificate of Singleness can be issued.

9203 Philippine Passport Renewal

Should the Philippine partner require a passport renewal it is the case of a visit to the Philippine Embassy in London.

Refer to:- . . http://www.londonpe.dfa.gov.ph/consular-matters/passport . . for more details.

The forms were obtained on-line and filled in before we left home. It is reasonably efficient system at the Embassy,:- pay money, submit documents, have fingerprints and photograph taken and wait in the queues at the various stages. The result is a new passport.

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