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9210 Philipipine Islands, π to  UK

9211 Moving to the UK


The Philippine half needs:-

.... to have passed the relevant English test, there are very few approved agencies now see :- https://www.gov.uk/join-family-in-uk/knowledge-of-english

.... a Tuberculosis Test certificate from the UK recognised hospital in Manila. No where else ONLY Manila, Dec, 2015

.... a Passport.

for the full list see :- https://www.gov.uk/join-family-in-uk/documents-you-need-to-provide

9212 It will make life simpler if the PI partner

has a Philippines Bank account (or two.)

We used the Philippines bank account for sending “subsistence” money while waiting for a spouse visa.

9213 Money Transfers - Bank - Bank

It is very difficult if not impossible to move money out of the Philippines. September 2017 there was a limit of USD 10_000. Having learned my lesson I would suggest only the money required is transferred to the Philippines.

I used worldremit, https://www.worldremit.com/send/LoginPage.aspx to transfer money from my UK account to the Philippines accounts. Worldremit had various levels July 2015:-

.... £20000 - maximum per day … need to phone &/email worldremit for them to act upon it

.... £9000 - maximum send with automatic transfer

When sending the maximum amount per day I had to provide a printout, from my bank account showing the transfer to worldremit. I tracked my transfers by the pennies xx.01 transfer 1 xx.02 transfer 2 etc.

The “automatic transfer” went through in some cases within 2 hours, some took rather longer but usually less than 24 hours.

Sometimes I had a considerable wait before my Skype calls were answered, but this was much easier & quicker than visiting "a transfer agent".

For current maximum transfer amounts check with worldremit.

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