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9220 Moving to the Philippine Islands, π

9221 Container

The original idea I had was to purchase a 20' container in the UK and ship it to our home to be in the Philippines and use as a secure store at our “new house”. This idea was changed when I was advised by the company I was intending purchasing one from, http://www.greenwellequipment.co.uk/containers/ that the “Shipping Companies” like to supply their own containers.

I hired a container from GreenWell to list, wrap and empty the house contents into while I sold the house. It took me about two weeks to wrap the contents and generate my shipping list about 2000 lines.

The container contents were put into storage with Shore Porters when the house was sold and “doubled up” my 300 boxes into about 120. http://www.shoreporters.com/contact.html for their contact details in Aberdeen and London (Rumsey & Son).

Having seen the difference between my wrapping and packing and Shore Porters wrapping perhaps that was a step that could have been omitted. However I am happy I did it because I have a more detailed list itemising which boxes the items are in. Shore Porters' list is one or two lines per crate.

The items were shipped by http://www.highlightexpress.co.uk/. On the web site there are details of their rates.

The container left Aberdeen 19-Aug-2015 and two months later 29-Oct-2015 it was in the CCM Storage http://ccm.com.ph/ storage yard in Cebu. The CCM rates are available on their web site.

I provided both my shipping list and Shore Porters' list. Highlight Express required a copy of my wife's passport and details where the container was to be emptied. This is so that they can survey the route for access by a container wagon or if not their price will need to take account of trans-shippment by smaller trucks.

There were very few problems in getting our goods through customs. My wife was required to sign an affidavit. The affidavit was e-mailed to us we printed it signed it and sent a scanned copy (trimmed mobile phone photo) back to the agent and the goods were released.

Customs, I am informed, broke the seal to have a peak inside. Comparing the before and after photos there was little evidence of the packages having been moved in the container by customs or during shipping.

Having been given the shipping container number I was able to find and track it on-line. It came to Cebu via Taiwan. As far as I can tell the Chattanooga just sails between Cebu & Taiwan. Cebu is the main port of the Philippines. I have read that 80% of the goods to/from the Philippines pass throught Cebu.

The shipping container has been emptied into a hired container at CCM's storage yard while we are waiting for the construction of our house to be completed.

I'm a squirrel and binned very little, the better half wasn't there so I “took the lot” just in case. I am happy to have done this as the replacement value of the goods is heading towards the cost of my house.

9222 Electrical Items

I inspected all my electrical items while listing and packing. The washing machine, fridge, freezer and electric drill were all left in the UK as they were 50Hz only. There are frequency converters available but I don't really like the aesthetics of them, most are not designed to be objects of beauty.

The hair drier, hair straightener, PC and portable PC power supplies, to give some examples, are all marked 50/60Hz and so they were shipped.

9223 My wife, at that time, and I entered the PhiIippines together.

We flew into Cebu direct from Hong Kong, Flora had her passport and NSO certificate of marriage and I was issued with a BB stamp i.e. a stamp and BB handwritten inside it. BB= Balikbayan. My wife, at that time, went to the immigration desk first and presented her documents and asked that I be given a BB visa. I was then invited to join her and my passport was inspected and stamped by the immigration officer. I am told that it "helped" that my wife, at that time, had a Philippine passport issued in the UK.

I needed no further visits for 1 year while I arranged my Non-Quota visa or SRRV, Special Resident Retiree Visa. I have read elsewhere that some just work on the basis of a BB visa and take a trip/ holiday outside the PI annually.

If both parties are in the UK it is easier as far as I understand to obtain a 13a Non-Quota Immigrant visa there rather than multiple trips to Manila or Cebu. This is the link to the “official” web site:-

http://www.gov.ph/services/immigrant-visa-application/conversion-to-non-quota-immigrant-visa-by-marriage-probationary/ This link shows who is eligible to apply for a permanent-resident-visa :-


For some thoughts on the visa options see :-


For the latest Special Resident Retiree Visa details see http://www.pra.gov.ph/main/srrv_program?page=1 website.

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