9234 Shopping

Marks & Spencer and F&F, (Florence and Fred as in Tesco), are in the Ayala Mall. Some Tesco grocery lines are also available in SM City

For those familiar with CostCo and the Kirkland Signature brand there is http://www.snrshopping.com. They have discount warehouses in various locations in the Philippines, see the web site for the list. To shop one needs a membership card, PHP 700 annual membership and PHP 400 for an additional annual membership card at the same address. Compare this with PHP 20 per visit to the parking lot at Gaisano Mactan. Only 35 visits and PHP 700 has been spent.

As yet I have not resorted to imported goods as I have found most things I have thought of. I have not purchased some of the items but I know where they are, items such as breadmakers, grills etc ...

Beware of buying on-line, as the cost including delivery is sometimes no less than the local shops and if there are any issues I would be liable for all return costs etc.. It is easiest to talk to someone over the counter rather than the end of a phone. :-) :-)

Note To get the discounts advertised on the price tags at Wilcon Hardware Depot and such like one must visit the store rather than purchase on-line. On-line is NOT always cheaper.

Buying Natural Progesterone

I asked in various pharmacies in Cebu but could not obtain Natural Progesterone. So I resorted to going on-line. I found one brand using this query:- http://www.lazada.com.ph/catalog/?q=natural+progesteron+cream

This cream was found:- http://www.lazada.com.ph/now-foods-progesterone-cream-2646348.html

Lazada - Galleon

Your Order # 3xxxxxxxxxxxx has been placed on Friday February 05, 2016 via Credit or Debit Card. You will be updated with another email shortly when the items are shipped.

07-Mar-2016 Received goods from LBC

These are the notes I received from Lazada prior to delivery

01/03/2016 21:50:07 Your item(s) has been shipped with LBC.

For more details on your shipment, please enter your tracking number [7xxxxxxxxxx] on LBC tracking page.

Please allow 48 hours for the status to be available on LBC system.

10/02/2016 18:36:58 Your item(s) is being packed and ready for shipment at our merchant's warehouse.

05/02/2016 17:37:34 We are processing your item(s). Please refer to the product page for more specific lead time of your item.

05/02/2016 17:37:09 Your order has been successfully verified.

05/02/2016 16:58:58 Thank you for shopping with Lazada! Your order has been received and is going through verification process. Next update will be sent to you via email soon.

The package was delivered 7-Mar-2016 a few days less than the 35 days Lazada stated for overseas goods.

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