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9242 VLC vs Mouse

Update 02-Apr-2016

The mouse was not totally fixed by the actions below so more work was required.

I removed my Synaptics pointing device (touchpad). It was in-operational, touching it had no effect on the screen cursor or any other action.

I re-installed the HID compliant mouse drivers. The last thing I installed was the Synaptic device and drivers

The mouse and sysnaptics device are running the latest software available on the HP site. From Control Panel> Mouse > the drivers are :- Synaptics 04-12-2015 and HID compliant mouse 10.0.10586.0 21-06-2006.

The PC/mouse seemed to have issues but today seems to be close to 99% effective as I have no mouse stop/starts so far today.

My theory for today is that the Synaptic drivers need to overwrite/be installed after the HID compliant mouse drivers.

Windows 10 seem to be dynamic in software installs and needs several re-boots and overnight to settle down :-) :-). A Windows 10 "feature"?

Hopefully this is the end with a happy mouse :-)

Willim 2016-04-02

My USB mouse kept stopping and starting. Due to the possibity it was due to a virus, (see Page 506), I "reset" my Windows 10 PC. A "reset" takes most of a day.

I was using VLC media player, vlc-2.2.1-win32.exe, to keep me amused while waiting for the various downloads. But I was having problems with my USB mouse

I downloaded the various mouse, touchpad,audio and video drivers and re-installed them.

I was still having mouse problems. After my searches on the web I had a look at the "Event Viewer."  "Settings" and search for "Event" to get into "Event Viewer". Today I don't see the events from yesterday it may only keep them for a day?

In the "Event Viewer" these were two of the typical messages:-

1. The DSM service was delayed by 11 seconds for a driver query/download/install on device 'HID\VID_1BCF&PID_0005\7&2B4B4B7D&0&0000'

2. The DSM service was delayed by 23 seconds for a driver query/download/install on device 'USB\VID_12D1&PID_1038&MI_01\6&2405880C&0&0001'

The mouse stopped working for 11 and 23 seconds for these events and if they happen "together" very annonying :-( :-( 34 seconds is a long time at times. :-) :-)

I searched for "DSM service was delayed by driver query/download/install on device 'USB\VID" but didn't see any fixes.

However in my brain the USB\VID and VLC player slotted into place. It was worth a try.

I removed VLC from the taskbar and I now have a happy mouse.  I tried using CyberLink PowerMediaPlayer but my CPU was at 95+% in Task Manager.  I am currenty using Windows Media Player for my audio files in Task Manager the CPU is peaking at 11% or less while only playing audio files and me doing nothing else.

My PC is a HP 11-x360 running Windows 10 Home - 1511 - 10586.164


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