01 C21H30O2 - Natural Progesterone

C21H30 O2 This is the only true natural form of human progesterone.

July 2022

Utrogestan Material Safety Data Sheet
ACC# 34783

Section 1 - Chemical Product ...

MSDS Name: Progesterone, 98%

Section 9 Physical and Chemical Properties

Molecular Formula: C21H30O2 i.e. C21H30O2

The molecular formula confirms that it is natural progesterone, i.e. bio-identical to that produced by the human body

From searching on the web the monthly usage pattern of Utrogestan is similar to that suggested for cream users. As far as can be determined the dose of Utrogestan is two 100mg tablets per day. This is ten times the 20mg per day when applied as a cream.

What Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About MENOPAUSE - John R Lee MD with Virginia Hopkins ISBN 0-446-69142-9 pg 298

The disadvantage of taking oral (by mouth) capsules is that they need to be given in very large doses, 100 to 200 milligrams per day, to compensate for the 85 to 90 percent that will be metabolized or excreted before having a chance to enter the blood-stream. This is 10 to 20 times greater than transdermal doses just to get 10 to 15 milligrams of progesterone circulating in blood. I see no reason to put the liver to all this work when transdermal application is much more efficient.

Physicians tend to believe that the use of progesterone capsules give them a more precise dose than transdermal creams, but this is a mistaken notion. In fact, the capsules give a much more unpredictable dose. ...

Ray Peat's advice, 2012, is to take progesterone orally, this is newer advice than John Lee's from his 2004 book.

22_RayPeat_Progesterone_2 . . . But you only absorb, maybe, ten or twenty percent and at best when you rub it into the skin and then so after doctors were willing to prescribe it for their patients using it on skin then I pointed out to them that they could take it orally and save about eighty percent of the cost at least. #30:47

Putting Utrogestan, progesterone, in tablet form into the stomach is contrary to the drug companies previous argument . . .

21_RayPeat_Progesterone_1 . . . with the argument that real progesterone is destroyed in the stomach and so you have to take our product because we have modified it and made it biologically active when you take a pill, otherwise you would have to inject it. #30:00

and / or see . . . 22_RayPeat_Progesterone_2 . . . and the medical indoctrination that stomach acid destroys progesterone, even though the manufacture involves boiling the steroid in acid so your stomach couldn’t make a dent in the activity of progesterone. #27:20

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This web site has been developed on the basis the knowledge is available to ALL those who need it and that is most of us. Women and men both need progesterone IT IS NOT a female only hormone.

Have you heard of the US Women's Health Initiative Study or the UK Million Women Study?. Why have the findings of these studies not been better publicised … ? For the answers read the John R Lee MD talks.

For the doubters of this web site out there ...  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-33444613 Drug could help slow half of breast cancers, study suggests By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News website - 09-Jul-2015  . . .

Dr John R Lee MD did not have patients die of breast cancer who were using Natural Progesterone. This is rather better than half suggested by this BBC report. However the fact that the BBC is reporting use of Progesterone is a step in the right direction.

From 08-Aug-2003…Last year, the Women's Health Initiative study was halted early because researchers found that combination estrogen-progestin hormone therapy was associated with an increased number of strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots. Other analyses of this data have found that combination HRT increases the risk of breast cancer after as little as five years of use, and that the cancers are found at a later stage, when they are more difficult to treat.

Estrogen-Progestin HRT Raised Breast Cancer Risk The Most

To determine how HRT affected the incidence of breast cancer, the researchers focused their analysis on more than 800,000 women who were past menopause at the time of the study.

Among these women, those who currently used hormone replacement therapy of any kind were at greater risk of developing breast cancer. Their risk was about 66% higher than women who never used HRT. Their risk of dying from breast cancer was about 22% greater.

Using combination estrogen-progestin HRT raised breast cancer risk the most. Women using these therapies had about twice the risk of breast cancer as women who did not use HRT. Using estrogen-only HRT raised breast cancer risk by about 30%. Different brands, doses and methods of administration of each type of HRT did not appear to affect breast cancer risk.

According to the American Medical Association, the AMA, stress causes or contributes to between 80 percent and 85 percent of all human illness. Click on 08_stress for more information.

http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/573620?src=rss To access this site you may need to register (if possible?)

Wendy Y. Chen, MD, MPH, Breast Oncology Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Channing Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

… & Higher body mass index (BMI) is significantly associated with an increased risk of incident and fatal cancers for 10 of 17 specific cancer types considered, and for all cancers combined, reports the Million Women Study (MWS) from the United Kingdom. The prospective cohort study considered 1.2 million women aged 50 to 64 years and followed them for 5.4 years for incident cancers and 7.0 years for cancer mortality. Incidence and mortality from cancer in relation to BMI for all cancers combined and for 17 of the most common cancer types were examined. Because the effect of BMI on cancer risk could vary according to menopausal status, pre- or postmenopausal status was considered in the analysis.

Over the follow-up periods, 45,037 cancers occurred, resulting in 17,203 deaths. The relative risk (RR) of cancer incidence associated with a BMI increase of 10 units was
2.89 for endometrial cancer,
2.38 for esophageal adenocarcinoma,
1.61 for premenopausal colorectal cancer,
1.53 for kidney cancer,
1.50 for leukemia,
1.40 for postmenopausal breast cancer,
1.31 for multiple myeloma,
1.24 for pancreatic cancer,
1.17 for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,
1.14 for ovarian cancer, and
1.12 for all cancers combined.

There was an inverse association between increasing BMI and cancer incidence for
squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus (RR, 0.26) and lung cancer (RR, 0.74).

There was a decrease in risk of premenopausal breast cancer with increasing BMI (RR, 0.86), but this was not highly significant (P = 0.05).

Comment by Wendy Y. Chen, MD, MPH

… Obesity is an increasing problem in both developed and developing countries. Many studies have evaluated the relationship between BMI and cancer incidence and mortality. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimated that approximately 25% to 30% of the major cancers worldwide (most notably breast, colon, endometrial, esophageal, and kidney) may be attributed to obesity.[1]

… From the NAMS First to Know e-newsletter released February 26, 2008.

NAMS. 2008; ® 2008 The North American Menopause Society First to Know® is a registered trademark of The North American Menopause Society

In the US only a limited time is spent on the female endocrine system during doctor training. It is probably the same in the UK.

Formerly on http://natural-progesterone-advisory-network.com

Patients would be shocked to see how little time we spend in medical school on the female endocrine system. I remember about a week in second year, six weeks in the third year. That was for the entire subject of obstetrics and gynecology. Needless to say, 99% of docs enter the "real world" totally unprepared to answer questions, or provide guidance to our patients. That is why I fell in love with this website. ( http://natural-progesterone-advisory-network - willim ) I feel I can find any information I need. I can share ideas and problems, and get credible and timely, evidence-based solutions. Thanks for the wonderful job you do!;” -- Dr. Robert W. Patterson, Sanford, NC, USA

On the basis of John Lee's talks we can reduce breast cancer now by at least 80%
- US currently 46000 breast cancer deaths per year an 80% reduction is 36800 saved per year.
- UK currently 12000 breast cancer deaths per year an 80% reduction is 9600 saved per year.

A total of 46400 early deaths due to breast cancer could be saved in just two countries each year.

Other early deaths due to heart attacks and strokes could be prevented.

Cases of obesity, osteoporosis, fatigue, the "need" for hysterectomies and depression etc. could also be reduced.

https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/sites/default/files/state_of_the_nation_april_2019.pdf - these are the UK cancer rates for 2019 # # #

Some very good news ...

Formerly on http://www.hormoneprofile.com/OLD%20Library/2007research.htm December 2006 Breast cancer rates drop due to less hormone therapy pills

… rates of the most common forms of breast cancer dropped a startling 15 percent from August 2002 to December 2003 …

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Herceptin is not a "cure all"

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/5021406.stm … by Lisa Jardine 30-May-2006 "… In the first results from British trials of the new drug, just over 9% of women found their cancer returned. For those who had not been given Herceptin, the recurrence rate was just over 17%. For women like myself, who were temperamentally inclined to believe that their treatments thus far gave them a good chance of total recovery, the new drug seemed to promise a smallish reduction of an already lowish chance."

Key words in this document are natural and balance

natural- our bodies have developed to use their hormones efficiently. Artificial, manufactured, fake, synthetic compounds cause issues elsewhere. This is probably true for anything we put on our bodies or consume.

bio-identical(biologically identical) this is another word that is freely interchangeable with natural in John Lee and like minded peoples in their talks and manuscripts. Both words mean the "same as produced by the human body"

balance- key to the usage of any hormone is getting the correct balance, too much can be as bad as too little. We need the correct size of shoes. Size 10 shoes are NOT twice as good as size 5 shoes if we have size 5 feet.

Every substance is poisonous
Every substance is not poisonous
All that differs is the dose.

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

some other words …

echt means real or genuine from Dutch or German as in "echt botter" - real butter or "echt leder" - real leather

serendipity - fortunate accident. It was by accident I found out about natural progesterone and John Lee. It was by accident (listening to his patients, hearing Ray Peat and careful thought), John Lee found out about the benefits of progesterone.

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Please feel free to copy the transcripts VERBATIM and print them in their entirety. All statements need to be taken in their full context.

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