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Is anyone taking 'Livial' HRT??

I have just had a hysterectomy and have to take Livial. I think it is making my joints ache!! Is this just a side effect or should I stop taking it?


How would you prevent illegal drugs from entering into your country?

By water, air and land? And what do you think would be the best deterent to convince drug smugglers that doing business in your country can be very hazardous to their health and well being? Serious answers please.


To all mothers of 4 or more?

since having my fourth child, my menstruel cycle has changed dramatically. for every 3 weks of every monthe i feel extremeley depressed, i know that it is linked to my period cos after they have come i feel on top of the moon, ] any advice 5 months ago

Additional Details

5 months ago i would like to add that after my third child i did have postnatel depression, do you think there is a link, i really don't want to go back to anti depressants or coulcelling i feel that much more stronger that i feel i can do without those


A few days after ovulating im generally too dry to have intercourse does this happen to anyone else?


I want kids after i get married which is next yr or maybe the year after but im terrified i cant have any?

i dont know what makes me think that. just cos i used to get heavy periods before when i was younger..and plus i keep thinking i wont be able to have them or will be harder for me to concieve...dnt ask me why...i just feel like that but i cant pt it to the test as im not married yet nor am i ready now so what can i do


Will hormone treatment change my personality?

I suffer from excessive sweating and body hair and, after researching on the internet, think I may have too many male hormones as opposed to female estrogen. I am considering going to my GP about it but am worried the treatment might change my personality. I am very much a tomboy and also I'm gay so I'm worried that if I start increasing my female hormones I'll change which I don't want at all. I'm not so worried about turning straight because I think being gay has more to do than just your hormones but I'm scared that my personality will change in other ways. Does anyone know what the side effects to taking female hormones are?


I just came off pills...?

I wanna make a small break as I dont have boyfriend now...so..I was thinking to have 2 months of break or so and then to start to use it again.

I have read so many woman dont have their periods for a long time after coming off pills.Why is that???I'm quite scared now.I'm very careful and dont want to get pregnant.I'm 20!So..when I find a boyfriend,I will want to sleep with him later.But what can I do when I dont have my period and can't start to use pills?How many per cent of women do expereince this? I mean not having periods after coming of pills? I started to regret I stopped to use them....

Sorry for my English!!!


Can't take much more?

i have pcos (diagnosed 7y) ME (diagnosed 5y) and just diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. I sufffer terrible pain which i know is part of the condition. But i want to know if pain in the feet is normal. it's exruciating too walk and my feet are really stiff and sore it makes walking so difficult. yes i'm overweight but i am doing something about it i have lots of other health issues as well so am slightly limited in what i can do. any suggestions?


What are the Symptoms of M.E.?


Need name of any G.P.s (Dr's) in UK who prescribe bio-identical hormones - need script 4 progesterone cream.

Have been using progesterone cream in Australia and get script from Dr. and it is made up by compounding pharmacist. I am not after yam cream or anything similar, so in Aust. can only get from G.P.s


Underactive thyroids gaining weight ?

hi ive just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and i have put on a bit weight but thort it was because i have been eating a lot of pizza and drinking lager lately i have to have another blood test before they will give me tablets so just wondering if the tablets will prevent me from gaining weight as im getting married next year aside from the fact i worked hard to lose ten stone in the first place please help me thanks


Breast tenderness??


Beating fatigue ?

I'm so tired all the time. I sleep in the day and night. Is there any way i can beat this.
What actually works?


Is there any easer way to gain weight?

I want to put on weight as I am always underweight and can't find any pants or skirt that fits in the shopping mall. I tried eating a lot "fat stuff" and now the doctor said my cholesterol is a bit high. I tried those high protein drinks and I managed to gain about 0.5kg after 3 months but now I am just too bored with the taste. Any other suggestions?


Menstrual problem.....?

I am asking on behalf of a worried friend. She had to have a surgical termination 5 months ago after medical termination did not work. Periods prior to this were regular. She is 27yrs old and was very ill during pregnancy and had to have abortion due to health reasons. Since Feb 10th she has not stopped bleeding and is getting worried. Doctors cant do an internal exam due to heavy menstruation. She has been tried on various meds to control the bleed but they dont have much impact. Doctor has recommended a scan but still waiting for this. She is worried as has been bleeding for so long without any break. Can anyone advise what may be wrong, she is also worried about fertility now. She also has enduring abdominal bloating too. Please only serious answers

Additional Details

Thank you so far to everyone who has answered. You are all very kind and thoughtful xx

ps her hormone levels are all normal as are her blood levels


NHS Unfair?

I am 23 years old with a bust size of 34 G, I was a C cup at 10, I have always had large breasts and to be honest I am sick and tired of them.

I went to the doctors 3 years ago with a BMI of 36 (15 stone) I spoke the surgeon and he said that my BMI would need to be 30 or less for me to be considered. I went back to the doctors 2 weeks ago and my BMI now is 29 but have been told that the NHS do not do breast reductions anymore. I am now 12 stone so lost the weight they wanted and now I have been rejected.

I am not doing it for vanity reasons, I have a severe bad back 98% of the time, burning in my neck and I have had a fungal infection underneath my breasts as well (not very nice) I know they will get bigger and I just do not know what to do.

I cannot afford £3,500 to have a reduction and to be honest can't afford to spend £35-£40 on bras that are strong enough to support me!!!

I need advise Please...


IF, you were to win the sum of $100 Million Dollars USD, what would you do with it and why?

Would you try to help ease the misery in the world? Would you invest in new medical breakthroughs? Would you buy food to feed to the millions of people that are starving in the world? Would you spend the money on yourself, your relatives, your friends, etc. What would you use the money for? The above suggestions mentioned are only suggestions, tell me what you would do with the money, whatever that may be! Thank you in advance


Polycistic ovaries?

I have pcos and am corrently getting treatment for it. I am constantly moody and am fed up of having my painfull and heavey period every month, is there any health probs if i stop my medication as i seemed better before taking them.


Weight loss during pregnancy?

I have always been 9 an a half stone but in the past 4 weeks have gone to 8st 6. Now i am really worried about this as i use to have eating problems for a while, no matter how much i wanted to eat i couldn't i tried to force myself to and i would throw it up...not on purpose! And i lost alot of weight then but carried on seeing the doctor and went back to my normal weight!
And the same thing is happening again...cannot eat anything, in the past 5 days i have managed in total 2 slices of toast and half a sandwhich. I spoke to one of the midwifes about it and all she kep saying was my BMI was saying i am a healthy weight...that may be true but to lose that weight in that time whilest pregnant cannot be good? like i said i cant eat at all...i smashed my plate up last night as i got so wound up that i couldnt eat it! I tried small portions...you know little and offen...didnt work I tried just toast and crackers but i cant even eat them now. any advice?

http://index;_ylt=AsqzdKfHBYBGeXVMBxQceyYhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20070624131946AAClQLX&show=7#profile-info-LZ4QYrPXaa" uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsqzdKfHBYBGeXVMBxQceyYhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20070624131946AAClQLX&show=7#profile-info-LZ4QYrPXaa

I have Henoch-schonlein purpura (rash only, no other symptoms) what treatments or therapies could help?

I have seen the dr, and I have been to see a dermatologist at the hospital. They told me there is nothing I can do but it has been there since january, predominantly on my legs and very bad on my feet and ankles, it's really d epressing me now. There doesn't seem to be any medicinal cure and I have been told that it will go on its own; but I just can't take it anymore!!

Please please please, does anyone know what I can do to make it go away?...if you have any advice for me I would really appreciate it! Getting desperate now and just wish I could wear skirts this summer....it's horrible having to wear jeans/trousers all the time : (


Hives-like rash all over body coupled with intense oesophagal pain?

Could someone please tell me if they know what I might be suffering from. Doctors don't seem to know and I have had this condition since I was 20. Some doctors say that the rash and the pain are not related, but having had it for several years, I know for certain that the two are related, since they always happen at the same time. The pain goes from my throat to the centre of my body, where it is chronic. It literally feels like someone is stabbing through to my back, or like a sharp crisp just sliced through from my throat to my centre. The rash is like hives - all over my body from scalp to soles of my feet. I know when I get the pain t hat the rash will follow the next day, or vice versa. I get this about four times a year on average and each time I feel as though I am dying from the intense pain. (the pain comes on when I lie down).I know of conditions like acid reflux but that doesn't cause a rash. Alternatively there are conditions that cause a rash but no pain. But both?? HELP


Can Antidepressants make you ''sick'' if you been using it for about 5 years?

My friend has been using Antidepressants for the past five years. Lately she was acting different. She is usually a fun, loving person but lately she is mean and rude to people. If you try talk to her about it , she is clue less, it's like she has no idea what she is doing, she will get upset, cry and ignore you for about 2 weeks before she will talk to you again like nothing is wrong. Is it possible that Antidepressants can do that? What can I do to help?


I have just qualified in reflexology and have been treating my friend,in 1998 she suffered? from Gillian Barre Syndrome,its where the immune system eats away the mylein sheath nervous system,i have treated her 4 times now on the last treatment i had to stop treating as her feet were so sensitive especially solar plexus area why is this grateful to any answers


Any medical proefessionals?- Tiredness and aching bones?

Hi there I am 26 and for quite a few years now I have suffered periodically from bouts of tiredness, and aching bones. I cannot ssem to notice a link between when I get it and why. I have had all blood tests recently, so I am not anaemic, diabetic or no underactive thyroid etc. I am worried but don't want to feel as if I am wasting GP time as my symptoms can sound very vague. I am otherwise healthy. Any ideas please?


Painful boobs after period?

My niece had a late period with heavier bleeding than usual..

After her period ended, her breasts started to hurt again..

Wondering if anyone had this happen to them and the cause? Also, is period heavier when it is late?

Thank you.


Anyone gone off sex after the menopause?

I have a friend who has gone through the menopause. She says she's gone off sex! Anyone out there experienced the same? Or anyone who has gone through the menopause and still enjoys sex.


Testosterone question?

1) I know you gain weight from it because of muscle mass but does it also get rid of the feminine fat in the body that is produced by estrogen? And do you gain any fat or look fat at all?
2) My gynecologist told me after I had hysteroctomy(which will stop periods) I would still need hormones(testosterone) but would it be ok to take it very little like once in a month maybe. I am talking about the smallest dose. Because I dont want to have testosterone effects like facial hair and such.
3)If you stop taking it will the voice change be permanent?
4)breasts: Anyone know how to remove get rid of breasts without the use of surgery?


Just had a thought!?

I have Fibromyalgia which can be caused by a virus. I also have Chronic Fatigue but that's by the by. I have just seen somebody's question about Chicken Pox. I had this in my 40's very badly indeed and wondered as someone says the virus stays in the body - could this have caused my Fibromyalgia? Serious answers please - thanks.


How do essential fatty acids and sautrated fats differ in their effects on the body?


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