02 Guide - Overview

00 Introduction

01 Progesterone Benefits

02 Guide to Willim's Web

An overview of Willim's Web pages.

I would suggest that you start off by reading one of the transcripts, 06 John R Lee MD - 2003 June is the shorter of the three here to develop an understanding why natural progesterone is likely to solve some health issues.

The 18 Success Stories page has links to various sites. The stories on these sites may have some resonance.

If you happen to be suffering from the symptoms listed on Miriam Brazel's page (see 95_Miriam_Brazel_-_My Starting point) hormone balance may be the root cause of the body's difficulties.

04 John R Lee MD - 1996 Mar

Transcript of John R Lee MD's March 1996 talk

05 John R Lee MD - 2002 Dec

Transcript of John R Lee MD's December 2002 talk

06 John R Lee MD - 2003 Jun

Transcript of John R Lee MD's June 2003 talk

07 JRL's Web Site - Books

Not the cheapest but a source of all of John Lee's books,CD's and now selling natural progesterone cream. (in tubes not in pumps)

08 Stress

A brief explanation why stress causes hormone imbalance

08.5 Stress Diagram
Diagram linking stress with normal and abnormal body functionality

09 Web Site Links
Some of the web pages I have visited during the development of my understanding of the issues.

I do not agree with all the statements on all the pages but they helped me in piecing together the overall picture.

10 Time Line

History of the scientific understanding and use of progesterone

12 SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder / Winter Sickness

14 Bits & Pieces

16 Ideas

18 Success Stories

Sites with success stories, there may be some resonance.

20 Cows' Milk - Beef

30 Facts

Some facts to piece together some of the reasoning on this site.

32 Research - News

Links to the Endocrine Society which points in the direction that natural progesterone it is now accepted by some that it does exactly what John R Lee MD was saying.

URL's to various Health News stories.

34 Yahoo Answers

My "Best Answers" to various questions on Yahoo Answers

36 AeroToxic Airlines

As stated by John R Lee MD .. petrochemical poisoning

70 Phobias

A page suggesting that phobias are a subset of panic attacks.

80 Hormone Testing

A suggested methodology to follow for health improvement

. . . 1 Do the online tests
. . . 2A Obtain progesterone cream or 2B Obtain and conduct saliva tests
. . . 3A Obtain and Conduct saliva tests or 3B obtain progesterone cream
. . . 4 Discuss with a Natural Progesterone Information Service Doctor.
. . . 5 Re-assess after 3 - 6 months.

90 Dr Katharina Dalton - PMS

The Doctor who coined the term Premenstrual Syndrome and used progesterone to assist women improve their lives for over 40 years

99 Susan Aschoff

A good summary of John R Lee's objective healthy, happy women - "Progesterone is not the panacea for every health problem you have," he cautions. A woman needs to eat well and avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars, control stress through exercise, meditation and rest, and stay away from radiation and other toxins."

But there is a revolution under way, he promises, and women can win."

"There is no better teacher for the doctors, who didn't learn about any of this in med school," he writes, "than an intelligent, assertive woman."

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