9232 Obtaining a PI Driving License - Jeepney Numbering in Cebu

This is the current official “how to”:-

http://www.gov.ph/services/driverslicense/how-to-convert-a-foreign-license-to-a-philippine-license/ I went along to local LTO and was told to come back 90 days after my International Driving Permits expired in the Philippines. Apparently, a translation of the ABC's is now required, ABC's=the categories and codes on the license.( See the Swiss Example on this Page)

This is not on the gov.ph list in the link above, but it is “required”. The translation / legalisation is to be done by a UK government agency complete with a stamp. My UK license it is to be legalised in the UK, it is NOT done in Manila or Cebu. For a full list of documents that can be legalised see :- https://www.gov.uk/legalisation-document-checker/y December, 2015. If the link changes see www.fco.gov.uk and search for “legalisation”

To get the “full list” legalised it would be a considerable amount of money, so carefully select those that might be required.

Nearby to LTO offices there are usually businesses offering the relevant authorised medical and drug testing services. The medical consisted of an eyesight test including colour blindness. The drug testing consisted of providing a urine sample under observation i.e. the door was not closed.

The locations of some LTO “driving license” site locations ..

The Talisay LTO is at N10.26001123 E123.8304271 on Google Earth and to the right of Robinson's as you enter the site.

Mandaue N10.323193, E 123.9461412

City N10.29821, E123.8923587 (by Elizabeth, E-mall)

On the Talisay LTO wall there was an example translation of a Swiss driver's license by the Swiss Embassy. I used my phone to take a photo of the example to jog my memory.

The Swiss embassy seem to be fully aware of the translation requirements :- https://www.eda.admin.ch/content/countries/philippines/en/home/dienstleistungen/fuehrerausweis-fahrzeug.html I would hope that other non-English speaking countries have a similar system to Switzerland.

A question that has been asked by others … do you really want to drive? This was on the BBC web site at the time of the Asean conference, November, 2015.


Manila worst place on Earth to drive. It may be nice driving in the country. But in Cebu and probably other city areas it is always best to be ready to slam on the anchors. Is that bicycle/tricycle ahead about to do a 180^ turn? They turn without signalling. I do not find driving easy here and I'm not so sure I am going to save money.

While driving after dark one has to be aware of motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles without lights or very ineffective lights. It is my policy now NOT to drive at night.

 As we use the car so little it is being sold. Comprehensive insurance PHP 11000 , LTO Testing PHP 5000 Service PHP 10000 + fuel etc. and the total per annum is over PHP 30000. So we could spend PHP 600 on taxis every week and still be saving. Certainly will be saving on the "driving experience" so we will leave that to others.


Jeepney Numbering in Cebu

This appears to be the system in Cebu, it may also be true for other regions and cities.
41 Tabunok
42 Talisay
43 Minglingilia
44 Naga
45 San Fernando
46 Carcar

From this it would appear that the higher the number the further away from Cebu the Jeepney travels.

There are further sub-divisions by letter e.g. 41A, 41B, .. 41E. These seem to indicate they only cater for part of the route i.e. they do not travel all the way to the Cebu "terminus" 

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