16 Ideas For Action

The following are ideas on the way forward.

Women going to the doctor should note on which day of their monthly cycle they are on when visiting a doctor or other health professional. Day 1 is the first day of the menses.

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USP Progesterone can probably alleviate "any stress syndrome illnesses" e.g. Gulf War Syndrome, Shell Shock, etc. ...

Gulf War Syndrome

Symptoms of Gulf War Illnesses (according to the American Legion)

Formerly http://www.biofact.com/gulf/#symptoms

Chronic Fatigue
Signs and symptoms involving skin (including skin rashes and unusual hair loss)
Muscle pain
Neurologic signs or symptoms (nervous system disorders which could manifest themselves in numbness in one's arm, for instance)
Neuropsychological signs or symptoms (including memory loss)
Signs or symptoms involving upper or lower respiratory system
Sleep disturbances
Gastrointestinal signs or symptoms (including recurrent diarrhea and constipation)
Cardiovascular signs or symptoms
Menstrual disorders

Postnatal Depression USP Progesterone is also the likely "cure" for postnatal depression. Just prior to the birth of the baby a woman is receiving 300 - 400 mg of progesterone per day from the foetus on "birth" the it falls to zero. Logic implies that a little progesterone would assist until she starts ovulating again after the birth.

Postnatal Depression in Scotland In a recent handout (Postcode News - Post Code Lottery leaflet Aug 2008) - it was claimed that there are 10000 cases of post natal depression in Scotland each year.

"Imagine all the happiness a new baby should bring ... but what if it brings the baby blues instead? Postnatal depression will be a fact for around 10000 mothers every year in Scotland. ..."

From Wikipedia in 2002 there were 51700 births and in 2004 there 53957 births. This gives percentages of 19.34 for 2002 and 18.66 for 2004. Almost one in five, much higher than the one in ten I have seen quoted elsewhere.

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USP Progesterone will likely be of benefit to anyone who suffers from depression.

Any Illness

Any Illness that affects more women than men I would suggest that progesterone is likely to help. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that women need about twice as much progesterone per day as men do.

The Reason for this Site

This site is here to hopefully save some of the forty thousand women in the US and twelve thousand in the UK from dying needlessly early each year.

More die needlessly from preventable illnesses than due to the terror threats or actions. If you are friendly with Donald Dump, President of the United States, or Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, feel free to tell them so.

Others i.e. figures for Heart attack, strokes, hysterectomies (5 out of 6 hysterectomies NOT required) etc

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