9255 Air Conditioner Timer

I posted this as a comment on Bob & Carol's web site in the hope that it may already be saving someone a few pesos prior to putting it on my web site.

For those with Air Conditioners without Integrated Timers. I bought for PHP1000 from Ace SM City, Cebu Nov 2015, (PHP900 on Meiji web site

http:meijielectric.ph) a Meiji Air Con to Fan Timer TC-V300SR – 20A 4400W 220V (4.4kW) . The timer has two sockets one for an air con and one for a fan.

BEWARE -The 30/50A plug (on the device is offset to the right hand side, RHS. My air con socket is against a wall on the left hand side, LHS, so the timer would NOT plug in. I had to buy an extension lead and a Leviton 30/50A plug, (in ACE hardware). I cut off the attached plug then the 30/50A plug was fitted to the extension lead. I was offered a proper 30/50A socket rather than the extension lead but they didn’t have 3 core wire.

On 30/50A plugs and sockets with the earth is at the top or bottom the other pins are horizontal NOT parallel.

The Timer is now tie wrapped to the extension socket for security. The Air Con plug and the timer are again securely tie wrapped to the extension.

For those with Air Conditioners With Timers perhaps the Meiji, or similar, timer could be plugged into a separate socket with only a fan plugged into the timer. It would then be a case of coordinating the Air Con stopping and the fan starting to hopefully save some money.

Using the timer one can select from:-
.... 1) Timed (Set Hours and Minutes first) [Air Con socket first and then Fan socket]
.... 2) Cool [Air Con only]
.... 3) Fan [Fan Only]
.... 4) Off

The Air Con timer is Timed for 5 hours. After 5 hours the fan, (16″ Dowell IFST-16PR 65W (PHP 900 ex- S&R Dec 2015)), starts when the air con is automatically switched off. I have the fan on low speed blowing diagonally across the bed.

With the Air Con Timed for 5 hours we appear to be saving over 2.5 units per day so that would be over PHP 10000 per year for 1 air con. 1 unit, kiloWatthour, of electricity costs about PHP 11.4 in Cebu (Dec 2015).

For those interested the room floor area 10.7m2 and 2.75 high ceiling so the volume is 29.4m3.

The air con is a Sanyo (“Window Type”, model unknown)(Auto Swing switch, Thermostat & Select-off, fan, lo, med or hi cool).
From my web browsing I understood that Sanyo had been “integrated” with Panasonic.
However ... .

I have seen similar timers on the Haier web site but they can only be set for 1, 3, 5, ... hours. On the Haier web site I have also seen mention of Sanyo Air conditioners, TV's Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Freezers.


Update 20-Feb-2016

We have moved to Cordova, Cebu the bedroom is 8.5m2 and 2.64m high, 22.3m3. The air conditioner is a Hitachi RA-08MA 8500kJ/hr, from a web brochure it is 750W .

We are using about 7.5 units per day which at PHP 12/unit approximately is less than PHP 100 per day. The air con is currently on for 3 hours and then the fan starts.

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