9260 Separation - UK Return

9261 Depart PI – Money Tree

I departed the Philippines Islands as of 28 September 2017. I was being accused of things by my supposed wife that I would not dream of doing.

On reflection during 2018 :- - the accusations were probably intended to extract more money. - I was only a money tree. I was never loved but my money was loved.

I have discovered that splits happen in quite a few cases. “The Embassy in Manila quite often has to help the distressed white man get out of there (no visa / no money / ...).“ 

There are people with businesses helping “stranded” expats return home from the Philippines Islands.  One such example is :-

Raffy Tulfo in Action www.raffytulfoinaction.com

TV5 Media Centre, Reliance Cor, Sheridan St.,
Mandaluyong City

I was fortunate in receiving assistance from my brothers to arrange my departure rather than other third parties such as the above.

9262 Goods to UK

Goods were shipped to Philippines in a 20’ container (see 221), the goods returned to the UK were packed into cardboard boxes and shipped to the UK.

www.a1global-logistics.com were contacted and pre-paid prior to shipping the goods to the UK. Payments were made in two stages the initial estimated volume and then the final packed shipping volume. Total cost of Shipping door to door 16m3 was USD 6400.

The goods were packed on site into cardboard boxes by the shipping team. When the van left site it was the last time I saw the goods until they were delivered to my UK address.

Application for Transfer of Residence relief (ToR1)

Use this form to apply for Transfer of Residence relief when you want to move your home from outside the EU to the UK.


This document lists "required" documentation ... #

To re-import the goods back into the UK a detailed item by item shipping list was required. The goods were X-Ray scanned as such this incurred a charge of £65.

To cover as many bases as possible I supplied the documentation listing the goods exported from the UK to the Philippines Islands.

The goods were delivered December 2017 some 73 days after leaving Cordova, Cebu site by a local Aberdeen shipping company having been transferred from Southampton to their Aberdeen depot.

That completed the closure on my would be retirement in the Philippine Islands.

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