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Time Line

1897 corpus lutea - necessary function if pregnant pg 68
1900 ovaries - hormonal control
1903 destruction of corpus lutea in rabbits caused abortion
1926 oestrogen in urine - variation with phase of menstrual cycle
1928 greater amounts of progesterone found in pregnant women


corpus luteum hormone established, proved necessary for successful pregnancy pro gestation --> progesterone

1929 27th November 1929 John Roland Lee born

"late 1930's

placenta 300-400mg/day placentas at childbirth quick freeze and extract the progesterone sufficient for experimental work and clinical application


Formerly on http://www.shirleymaclaine.com/articles/health/article-270
In 1938, the "Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA) published a letter by Leon Israel, MD, (a noted gynecologist from Harvard University) stating that these menstrual and menopausal discomforts may be the result of a low level of progesterone in the body instead of low estrogen and that this progesterone deficiency may be causing the symptoms that women were reporting. He believed that these problems could be corrected by giving women natural progesterone supplements to increase the body's progesterone levels, instead of giving estrogen supplements, but he never tested his theory.

1939 Russell E Marker sarsaparilla plant --> sarsapogenin --> "progesterone like compound"
wild yam (dioscorea villosa) disogenin --> progesterone with yield of 40%
price drop from $80/gramme to $0.50/gramme ($2300/oz to $14/oz)

1939 -1945

oestrogen used to subdue inmates in Nazi concentration camps


PMS/PMT term coined by Katharina Dalton. Progesterone provided as rectal/vaginal suppository, Cyclogest.


John Lee stops drinking milk.


John Lee opens medical practice. Learns from women their previous doctor's treatment was "progesterone shots." Intra muscular injection painful but common in Europe and Great Britain


Mayo Clinic Consensus Meeting . . . the following is extracted from John Lee's October/November 1995 talk http://www.keepsmilin.com/transcriptdrlee.htm But there it was, there was very solid evidence that unopposed estrogen is the only known cause of cancer of the uterus and it was probably the cause of at least 30% of the breast cancers.

There was a meeting at the Mayo Clinic in 1976 called the consensus meeting. Experts from around the world gathered, and said women should not be given estrogen unless you give some progesterone along with it because they found that progesterone protects against those cancers.


Dr Ray Peat Lecture at symposium

1979/1980 Dr John R. Lee starts recommending to osteoporosis patients, where oestrogen was contra-indicated, the use of "cielo". Cielo was being sold as a moisturiser in health food shops.

The women patients report back to John Lee that many other health issues are cured by the use of the cream. The women also report that their husbands' & partners' ills are improved just by rubbing the cream on the women.


Women's Health Initiative http://www.whi.org

2003 Five year assessment of WHI and study stopped

2003 17th October 2003 John Lee died.

UK Million women study ... http://www.millionwomenstudy.org/index2.html


2006 breast cancer rate in US falls http://www.hormoneprofile.com/


http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6567847.stm HRT linked to ovarian cancer risk - Million Women Study 18-Apr-2007

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