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Something is happening to women's ovaries. Something is damaging women's ovaries before they are born, so when they grow up their little corpus luteum, their little follicles when they ovulate don't work as a progesterone factory anymore. 1#46:21

By the age of thirty five 50% of the people on this continent and in England no longer are making the progesterone their mums made. I'll be telling you what that something is. I'll tell you right now. It is the pesticides from petrochemicals; we have seventy thousand of these in the environment. They out gas out of the carpet, they out gas out of the paint, they out gas out of, they are in your salad dressing but primarily they are in their sprays. If you have a fly in the house and you spray the house you are getting and you're going to be breathing all those things. It doesn't hurt the adult, it is a tiny dose. In adult your cells are mature they have been differentiated, they are difficult to harm with this, but it hurts the baby. If you are pregnant it hurts the baby. If it is a female baby it damages the ovaries so they can't produce progesterone when that baby grows up. If it is a male baby they can't produce sperm when the male baby grows up. Sperm counts have fallen over 50% in men by the time they are thirty five compared to previous generations. 1#47:30

This is a fact of life, we are poisoning the public if you want to read about it, read "Our Stolen Future" it is a wonderful book it is written by a lady PhD and all of the veterinarians who have been studying this process that is going on in wild life populations they can't reproduce. They can't reproduce because their females can't make their progesterone any more and the males aren't making enough sperm any more. It happens to birds, it happens to amphibians, it happens to all the animals that they have seen, the crocodiles, the Florida panther, the salmon in the North Sea.

All sorts of things, all of our industrial all of those poisons get into the waterways, they get into the oceans, they get into the rivers. The beluga whale in the St Lawrence Seaway they are all the same. They have all been damaged. You don't find it in the adults, you find it in the babies so it is a generation later. So when our scientists looked at, let's feed some of this poison to some animals and see what happens. They fed it to the dult animals and nothing happened so they said "it must be alright" So they allowed it to be sold seventy thousand different types of this. They are all poisonous. Had they watched to see what the babies would be like they would have seen it and now they have done that. So Theo Colborn was the chief author and it is called "Our Stolen Future." 1#49:03

The idea is such a rise in people having cancer, such a rise in people who are having early miscarriages that if the same increase continues to occur over the next two generations the ability to carry a baby will be lost. So we have two generations to straighten this out.

... and so it came to pass ...

Pilots protest over 'noxious' air By Adrian Goldberg
BBC Five Live Report

Some crew at a leading budget airline are refusing to fly part of the company's fleet saying poor air quality is putting them and passengers at risk.

Crew from Exeter-based Flybe say they are scared to work on the company's British Aerospace 146 fleet.

BBC Radio Five Live Report found there had been 10 leaks of contaminated air into cabins in the last 15 months.


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