06 John R Lee MD - June 2003 Talk

John R Lee MD - June 2003 Talk

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It so happens that conventional medicine has been giving all of their patients, all their women patients what they call HRT, Hormone Replacement Therapy, which has been a great error. And it has taken them thirty five to forty years of recommending this to all women at menopause to discover that their particular treatment is not working very well. It is killing women and they have come to the wrong conclusion. They now readily admit that Hormone Replacement Therapy the way they are giving it is a mistake and they still have not a clue of what to do about it. #00:45

So we are going to tell them you, me and all the people that you relate to. I want you to become educated enough so when you sell this cream you will know what the facts are. You will know what needs to be done, You will know what's wrong with what conventional medicine is doing. And you are going to find ways to help people, and you are going to save. Well for instance right now there are forty six thousand women a year dying of breast cancer. There is a quarter million women dying of strokes and heart attacks early. This didn't happen a generation ago. This isn't happening in other countries. Only in people in the countries that have been doing like our doctors have been doing. #01:24

And in places where they are using the right hormones they don't have people getting breast cancer. They don't have people getting these strokes and heart attacks, so this is the whole thing, I really want you to pay attention and we are going to cover a lot of ground.

So here in the space of four months they are admitting that the therapy they have been recommending for thirty five to forty years is not good and it had to be stopped. The study that did it was the Women’s Health Initiative. You see these were pharmaceutical drugs, these weren't even real hormones. #02:01

One drug was Premarin which is extracted from the pregnant mares' urine and is loaded with horse hormones that are not human hormones.

The other drug was Provera which is a totally synthetic drug that is supposed to mimic what progesterone can do. But it doesn't and it is loaded with potential side effects. It is the drug they give male sex offenders to take away their lust for abusing children. Isn't that something? It is the drug that they use at college infirmaries when some girl goes to a party, has more to drink than she thought and wakes up in the morning and says, "Oh golly I might have become pregnant last night." And she goes to the infirmary and they give her a drug to kill the fertilised egg or the developing conceptus and guess what that drug is? Provera, the drug that kills the baby before it gets a chance to even implant. And those are the two drugs that they called hormone replacement therapy. Isn't that amazing? #03:05

This was the Women’s Health Initiative study, pharmaceutical companies should have paid for this. It is their drugs, it is not real hormones that were used. It is drugs that they have been trying to sell for thirty five years. And they should not have been allowed to sell these drugs until they have been proved to be safe, but instead of that, they have been doing that.

And the study was ridiculously simple but here they tried to cheat a little bit. They took sixteen thousand women all of whom were in perfect health, now that doesn't happen in real life. When real life happens the person who goes to the doctor has things more than perfect health. They might have diabetes, they might have high blood pressure, they might have hypertension they might have obesity, they might have all sorts of different things going on. But they chose sixteen thousand women over the age of fifty who were perfectly healthy. #03:54

They wanted to make it as positive as possible and all they did was to give half of them the normal Hormone Replacement Therapy and the other half they were placebo pills. The women didn't know which was which and the doctors didn't know which was which. And they followed along and what they found, they were going to run for eight to ten years but at the five year time they decided to check and see what was happening and they started in 1998 and then this was the year 2003, this was the five year time and they found that about 30% of the risk of breast cancer was up about 30%. Heart attacks were up about 30%. And the risk of stroke was up about 45 - 50%. They had no idea that this was going to happen. #04:39

And these were healthy women here they were taking healthy women and they are giving them hormones and they are not even deficient in the hormones. They have no sign of any illness and they take this so called therapy. See I want to call this conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy. “C” if you can imagine "C" the letter "C", then Hormone Replacement Therapy, so it is CHRT. And the right one is a balancing hormone that we are going to be telling you about. And I want that one to be called Natural HRT, nHRT. So we have two different types of HRT. #05:14

In the papers in the last few weeks, been one thing after another saying HRT is bad because:-

Number one it doesn't protect against Alzheimer's

Number two it doesn't really build bone and

Number three recently showed that it increases the risk of dementia by 50%.

Can you imagine then that was the latest one, everything it was claimed to prevent like heart disease. It doesn't prevent heart disease, it increases the risk of heart disease. All the things they claimed it did have been found to be untrue and of course they never said to a woman "I'm going to give you these pills because you need hormones." #05:53

He never measured the hormones I'm going to, to give you these hormones that'll / to protect you against breast cancer that'll protect you against uterine cancer that'll protect you from getting heart disease, that'll protect you from growing older and all these things. It was all lies they claimed that it did have been found to be untrue.

Now I use the word lies advisedly because there is lots of evidence over the years accumulated showing that the pharmaceutical companies should have done that. What did they do? They waited until congress passed the Women's Health Initiative. They took our money, tax money, hundreds of millions of dollars and they paid it to the investigators of the pharmaceutical companies to do the study that they should have done. And even doing in the best possible way to show the rosiest possible picture they still had that happen. #06:38

You see the problem we have had, as time goes on in my talk, you'll see it is not a problem of lack of science. There is a problem of money or greed or some sort of lack of attention by our press or something, but it is not lack of evidence. It is probably something to do with politics or money. I have no idea but it is in the medical journals. You see what they are counting on is that your doctor never reads the medical journals.

There were forty six thousand women who died of breast cancer last year that gives you an idea that we are talking big business. When half of those people who died of breast cancer could be saved from just not doing HRT you are saving twenty three thousand people right there. #07:23

Now here is forty six thousand people who died, some of them got it from their doctors and some of them got it from oestrogens that are in the environment so if you learn about balancing hormones we know that there is big influence from diet, big influence from the environment, big influence from lifestyle. All sorts of things, the amount of sugar that you eat and everything also so we can actually save the lives of 80% of all of that we could save about thirty two thousand people.

By the way do you know how many people in the military during the Vietnam war, do you know how many people died from the United States in ten years of warfare? Fifty five thousand. #08:02

Fifty five thousand and here is forty six thousand women dying in a year, from things that are totally preventable, now this is what we wrote about in a book that we wrote. We wrote a book that came out one and a half years ago. It was January of last year and we wrote that synthetic progestins like Provera when combined with the oestrogens that the doctors use, which is Premarin will increase the breast cancer risk 1.4 to 2.0 fold. And we have lots of studies like that and show that. And this is including the Womens Health Initiative so this was not unknown this is in our book. In our book about breast cancer, "What your doctor may not tell you about breast cancer" we have over sixty five pages of references. So it is not a problem of lack of references.

Now the question is does conventional HRT improve one's quality of life? Doctors are always telling women that they should take the HRT because it will improve the quality of their life. Kind of a fuzzy word this idea of quality. Well it turns out that in the trial of sixteen thousand post menopausal women oestrogen plus the progestin, Provera did not have a clinically meaningful effect of health related quality of life. So the doctor was talking through his nose. This was from the New England Journal of Medicine 9-May-2003. This is just last month and this is in a major journal and what they did was follow twelve different indices of quality of life and found no difference between the women taking the oestrogen the women not taking the oestrogen.

Present post-menopausal therapy with oestrogen and progestin, see they are cheating a little bit, they are saying oestrogen. Did you know that there is no hormone named oestrogen? Isn't that something? Oestrogen is class name and in that class there is 20 - 30 different oestrogen like compounds. Compounds with oestrogen effects, they each have their own name. The big ones for humans estrone, estrodiol and estriol but there is none of them named oestrogen. #10:06

It is like the word apple. All different apples have their own name and so the lady who wrote this "the grande dame" of OBGYN information in conventional medicine says, "Present post menopausal therapy with oestrogen and progestin causes increased risk of disease especially breast cancer, heart disease and strokes." This is an admission by the lady that has been the AMA's best friend, in writing things are favourable about HRT. She also said, "… does not make asymptomatic women better, feel better and does not improve cognition." Their brains. "We clearly need to identify new treatments that are highly effective and safe."

Now that seems rather logical, that yes if the other ones didn't work we need to develop new ones. So you and I would say, "Well of course." If they get hot flashes, guess what they are pushing? Anti-depressants, Prozac, they are pushing that now. Have you looked at the advertisements in the Ladies Home Journal, Prozac for that? And if your bones get worse and worse, guess what you have got Fosamax? Fosamax has been out for about 12 years and it has never worked once. It is a terrible drug there is not one study showing that there is any reduction of fractures. #11:36

Treating the symptoms is not the right thing to do for doctors. If you have a headache, like you never had before and you go to the doctor and he starts reaching for his prescription pad to write for some codeine or something. You should put your hand on his and say "No doctor I want you to find the cause of my headache. I don't want you to write that rescription because I'm sure my headache is not due to a deficiency of codeine.” You want to get down to the cause and once you treat the cause then it goes away, you are fine. When you treat the symptoms the cause does not go away

And by the way a breast cancer tumour is made because of the underlying metabolic imbalance. So when the doctor treats your breast cancer by removing the tumour he is not he is not treating the disease. He is treating a sign of the disease that we call symptoms. And Debra Grady is unfortunately, that's her way of telling doctors think of all the prescriptions you can write to treat the side effects of the women’s problems and to treat the symptoms. #12:40

Conventional medicine HRT, Premarin and Provera does not prevent Alzheimer's, doubles the risk of dementia and guess when that was? The AMA journal of 28th of May, I just got my copy of the journal.

And so here we are, here's another thing doubles the risk of dementia. So I thought back, what about those studies of a couple of years ago, ten years ago where they claimed that oestrogen was good for preventing Alzheimer's. And then I remembered that the study involved two clinics in Manhattan. One clinic was an upscale clinic for rich business women, successful business women who would come and get their prescriptions from their rich doctors and these women were good business women and they had pretty good short term memory. #13:28

The other group of women showed up at public clinics. These are women who sleep in the alleyways and eat out of ash cans and these are the bag ladies that are in Manhattan. And they found that for these women their short term memory wasn't all that good. So when I read that I realised that they were setting this up. This was a bias, it was a bias by changing the pool that you are extracting the women from. So I wrote to the editor back in those days and said, "I have a suggestion, go to a women's Bridge Club and test the short term memory of the women who play bridge. And I bet you'll find that it is pretty good. And then you can claim that playing bridge will prevent Alzheimer's." Here they say that if given all this excess oestrogen and the Provera the women have twice the rate of dementia.

We are going to be involving diet, we are going to be involving lifestyle, we are going to be involving all kinds of things. So it is nice to take a little look at history, and happily it coincides with my medical career. I went to medical school in 1951 at that time birth control pills came on the market and that was during the time you had better living through chemistry and that what the chemistry, the patents, the pharmacists were always saying. #14:41

So they popularised ERT, Oestrogen (Estrogen) Replacement Therapy. There was a book that came out about how you could stay young and sexy forever and by taking oestrogen, and they, they were giving all this oestrogen, it took them, look it took them 24 years to find out that giving that oestrogen alone increased the risk of uterine cancer, cancer of the uterus by 600%.

You wonder if you were in practice like I was during these days, how do you miss the fact that the women you are giving this oestrogen to are getting cancer of the uterus at a rate of six times higher? How is that missed? #15:18

But it took 24 years and so they decided they couldn't do that and they knew that in healthy women who didn't take hormones they were getting oestrogen and progesterone and they don't get cancer of the uterus. So they said, "Well what we need is a little progesterone." So the pharmaceutical companies came forth with good old Provera and said, "This is a progesterone." And it is not, it was a deliberate lie, they said. “This is progesterone.”

And they started using that and now it has taken another 25 years to find out that the addition of that, that synthetic drug now has raised the risk of breast cancer so high. The uterine cancer rates went down. The breast cancer rates have gone up and in the year 2002 the Women's Health Initiative proved that. That it was that combination of that Premarin and that Provera that did it and an unacceptable incidence of cancers, strokes, heart disease and so on. #16:13

So now they have agreed that they can't give that any more yet there are still doctors who are saying, "Oh! we’ll just do it for two years." Or "Oh! we'll give smaller doses." None of those things help. It is just that they still can't realise that there is a better way to do it. What went wrong is, the doctors learned to follow what the pharmaceutical companies tell them to do.

The thing that happened twenty five years ago is that doctors have to go to get Continuing Medical Education and you had to get fifty hours of Continuing Medical Education every three years to maintain your licence. So that sounds perfectly fine, well it happens that twenty five years ago I was editor of our monthly Journal for our Medical Society in California, the Marin County Medical Society. And we had a monthly Journal and I was editor a nd we said, "Why is that some meetings you get credits for and other perfectly fine medical meetings the doctors don't get the credits? Who decides who gets the credits for these fifty hours?" Also it happened that my wife and I were invited to San Diego. I was also president of the family practice group and was invited to attend a national meeting of the family practice group and so we got a free trip to San Diego and they had these meetings where you could go and collect CME credits and see over the course of a weekend you might collect eight hours or ten hours and so I thought, "Wow, this is really great so I was attending these meetings." #17:43

I noticed that when you attended you had to write your name down but as soon as the speaker started half the people left to go play tennis or go sailing or go fishing nobody was paying any attention to that. The whole thing was a fraud 'cause they were getting credits without bothering to listen to the speaker. #18:00

So then the third speaker came up and he was an associate professor of some University of San Diego or something and he came up and he had forgotten to bring his slides. So he announced that he was sorry he couldn't give his talk because he had forgotten to bring his slides. Why couldn't he tell us what his message was? It was because it was a "canned" message that was given to him.

So I wrote to, actually first I called somebody in Sacramento and I said, "You've got a state law that says doctors have to acquire fifty hours of Continuing Medical Education. Who decides which meeting are accredited? And they say, "Oh we turn that over to the AMA." And I said, "Really, Here you have a state law and you let a private company call the shots.?" And he said, "Well it's true. You can call them in Chicago." #18:51

So I called the AMA in Chicago and I said, "Are you the guy that decides which meetings are accredited and which ones aren't?" And he said, "Yes we have a committee." And I said, " Fine could you give me a list of the committee?" And they said, "Sure." So they sent it out to me, and there is no real doctor there. They are all people who work in the pharmaceutical companies. So the entire CME, the Continuing Medical Education credits are all propaganda from the pharmaceutical companies.

So the question is, "What went wrong?" What went wrong is that doctors aren't being doctors any more. So I think it is not the doctors’ fault. He is overwhelmed with the money he makes, he no longer can charge, he can charge whatever he wants but that isn't what he gets. What he gets is what the insurance companies or the middle managers decide. And I don't know if you saw Time magazine this week, the doctors are all quitting because they can't make enough money to pay the insurance they have for mal-practice. So there is a real crisis approaching, the doctors that we have are working so hard that they don't have time to read and the doctors that do have time to read are quitting. And so ealth care is going downhill and we are turning into a third world country.

OK, what needs to be done? You have to learn how the body works. You have to learn the importance of saliva testing that I am going to be telling. You have to learn the importance of natural versus synthetic and I'll be telling you about that. The benefits of transdermal, that means through the skin. And learn the causes of oestrogen dominance. And you have to become your own best advocate and I devised a three point guide. A guide of things that any body should have realised on Hormone Replacement Therapy, I call it hormone balancing. #20:34

Number 1

You only give a hormone to someone if that person needs the hormone.

You don't give it to people who have sufficient. You don't give insulin to people who don't have diabetes. You don't give thyroid to people who don't have any thyroid problem. And the doctors have not been measuring the hormones in people they have been saying," Ma'am you went through the menopause you need oestrogen."

Well there is beautiful study done at the University of California four years ago published in the AMA or the New England Journal of Medicine. Actually he wrote he did two studies on it, one was in the AMA and one was in the New England Journal of Medicine and he showed that women up to age eighty in this country 66% of them make plenty of oestrogen. Isn't that amazing?

And of course the doctors never measure progesterone. They don't have the foggiest notion why they should bother with that.

{Number 2}

Use only natural instead of synthetic hormones. Now by natural I mean natural to humans, another word is bio-identical.

Bio-identical hormones, do not use synthetic hormones for people, you don't use synthetic insulin now we have human insulin. This was a big advance, well the same thing with all of these, back in the thirties doctors learned how to make the real hormones from fats and oils in plants. They found they could get fats and oils from soy beans, they found they could get fats and oils from the Mexican Wild Yam and they had an industry develop that could turn those fats and oils into honest to God real human hormones identical to what you make. We have had this for over 60 years that, the real hormones have been available but the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know that. #22:17

They don't want people to use the real hormones because the real hormones can't be patented. You can't patent a real hormone. You can't patent, if we had a desk made of oak you'd say, "Gee oak that's a good idea I'm going to patent that." You can't patent oak, anybody can make oak to make a desk, you see. And so the same thing with these hormones. They had to alter the hormones into things that are not found in nature so they are totally foreign to the body and that's what they sold to the doctors and that's what the doctors are prescribing for the women. #22:51

Number 1 was you only give hormones to people who need them and

Number 2 is if you are going to have to give them, you want to use the natural and then the

Third one is use a dose that re-creates normal tissue levels. This is another thing that the medical, conventional medicine has never done. They have never learned how to measure how much hormone is in the body. And this is what we are going to be talking about. #23:16

Oh the goals, I don't know how these businesses like you are in operate but they I am sure chose goals.

And the first goal that we should be trying to do, you plus all the natural food stores, plus all the other companies that make it. We have a good goal. We could prevent 85-90% of HRT induced breast cancer. We could do that by just stopping conventional HRT.

Second goal we can reduce the environmental and other oestrogen induced breast cancers by another 60% of what's left. Isn't that amazing? We could cut this out, imagine having a world where you didn't have to worry about breast cancer. #23:54

Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy and risk of breast cancer in a French cohort study of three thousand one hundred and seventy five patients. They have been using women who had slightly low oestrogen levels. They gave a little estrodiol about one eighth what American doctors use and then they balanced that with real progesterone. Got that? And they had three thousand one hundred and seventy five women and they have been followed not for five years but for ten years.

There is no increase of breast cancer, no increased risk of breast cancer, zero. There's no heart disease, no strokes. Now what are the likelihood of that three thousand one hundred and seventy five women followed for ten years. #24:39

You see in my practice when I started using progesterone on women who had osteoporosis, I sensed or I learned from Ray Peat that this is a perfectly normal hormone and if people are deficient in it. Giving it can't hurt people, there are no side effects from progesterone at the right doses and so I gave it to people. After I retired, I retired in 1989.

I started this in 1978 so like twelve years none of my patients died of breast cancer. I didn't have people with strokes and heart attacks. Isn't that amazing? #25:14

At first you think, "Well, it’s just you are in a small practice you are one man, maybe you are not seeing them." But after 12 years and seeing hundreds and hundreds of women those people who are on progesterone they stay healthy. And so that's what these folks did and so look we have the evidence right there. We don't have to have those things happen to us. We could do it like how the French are learning how to do. As I say there is no lack of references.

The third thing, we could greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and a wide variety of other health risks that are due to previously ignored pathways of hormone imbalance. #25:48

What are hormones and how do they work?

It has taken me about 20 years actually from 1978 until now, this is 23 years that I have been studying this, OK. Now it turns out you probably all know pretty well what hormones are. Hormones are compounds made in one part of the body, say insulin is made in the pancreas it circulates around in the blood stream and is active at different parts of the body. It helps the cells to metabolise sugar. So all hormones are that way. They are manufactured by the body at some organ in the body or some place. We manufacture vitamin D in our skin from sunlight and it circulates in the blood stream and it has some action somewhere else in the body, so those are what hormones are.

What you probably don't know is that for all the sex hormones and the steroid hormones, like cortisol and oestrogens, all the 3 oestrogens, there is more than that actually and testosterone and the progesterone. They are very fat soluble. They are all made from cholesterol did you know that? All the sex/steroid hormones are made from cholesterol so that makes them all fatty. They are fatty in the way they react. #26:57

And of course cholesterol as you all know is not made from eating fat, it is made from eating sugar. Sugar and highly refined starches are what you eat. So if you eat bread and if you eat pancakes and waffles with maple syrup and pasta and cookies and Danish and all of these things that are all made of these sugars and highly refined starches, your body doesn't know what to do with them. And your body cannot stop absorbing them, your body is not equipped to not absorb them. #27:28

You absorb them and turn them all into fats. So you may have noticed that you don't accumulate sugar in your body because you eat sugar. If you cut somebody open say, "Look! Whoa! look at all that sugar." That doesn't happen, but you cut some body open and you say, "Look at all the fat." There you know where the sugar went. So the sugar becomes the fat, the fat becomes these hormones.

These hormones float around in the blood stream as little fatty objects and being fat they don't mix with the serum very well, because the serum is the watery part of the blood with no cells in it. Actually the hormones ride with the cells and the red blood cells so they are not in the serum. #28:08

So that's another thing doctors measure for the serum to find out what your hormone level is. They are looking in the wrong part of the body.

But what I was going to point out is, for these hormones to work. This is the magic of life, the cells anticipate the arrival of the hormones by making a protein that will fit exactly with one little portion like a corner or the side of the hormone, like a key fits in a lock. The cell anticipates, the cell that needs that hormone will make a protein that will bind to the hormone. The hormone can slide right into the cell 'cause the cell membranes are fatty. And the hormones are fatty so they go right in. But inside it is watery, inside the cell. #28:52

You have, what is it seventy trillion cells in your body. Interesting and the last journal I read a couple of days ago you have ten times more than seventy trillion bacteria who live in your colon. You are all walking hotels for all these bacteria. #29:10

But the bacteria do a lot of good, so you don't want to kill them off with anti-biotics. So people with antibiotics end up with a lot of trouble because they have killed off all the good bacteria, but I won't get into that. #29:20

At any rate you have all these cells and the ones that need the hormones they anticipate the arrival of the hormone by making a special so that they can bind together. And then when they are bound together they can go to the nucleus and look at all of the 23 pairs of the DNA that you have, the chromosomes, until they find the right gene. And then activate a certain gene and then when that happens the hormones can split from its partner and it can go on and do it to other cells in the body. But the cell has to anticipate that so on the synthetic ones there is no such anticipation. They will occupy the receptor but they don't let go because they are foreign to the body. Something like Provera might occupy that receptor and if you have progesterone in the body it wouldn't work then because the Provera is occupying the receptor. Like having somebody on your phone at home you can't get another message. #30:12

So the hormones have to be the correct version. You see the whole action of the hormone is dependent upon it's confirmation, how it is put together. If you alter it in anyway it is no longer that hormone so the doctors have to be taught about that.

Now in talking to the doctors you have to be kind because you are saying to them, "you are an idiot." But you'll have to do it in a small, in a nice way, "But doctor we have to consider that Provera occupies the receptors and doesn't even let the woman's own progesterone work." The doctor never thinks of that. #30:46

But then the other thing is that the doctors when they go to measure the amounts of hormone in your blood they do a serum test. Now let me explain to you what a serum test is. They draw the blood, they spin it in a centrifuge and the watery part is heavier than the fatty part. Water is heavier than fat, you have experienced that. You take a glass of water pour some olive oil in it and the olive oil all goes to the top. So you know that the oil, the fat, is lighter than the water. So anyway they spin this and they get the water at one end and the fatty things at the other, so the hormones all went to the other end. And they select out just the watery part, the serum and then they look for the hormone there. And they find some, what they find is the hormone that has passed through the liver and the liver coats it all with a big protein so that it will be water soluble and that it will go out with the urine. When that hormone goes through the kidney it will go out in the urine, it is a way of getting rid of hormone. #31:45

Hormone production is very dynamic in your body. Because your body is able to excrete it so well. And it gets excreted in the urine because it goes through the liver and it gets coated with a protein a giant globulin. And then it becomes water soluble so that when it goes through the kidney it goes out in the urine and is gone.

And that's the only thing he is measuring is the water soluble one that is on it's way out. Your doctor's test do not measure how much of the real hormone is really there. #32:11

There is a story about a couple who ate out at a diner in San Francisco and came out to get their car. And by this time it was night time, fortunately the street lights were on and they were walking up the street to get to their car and up ahead under the street light they saw a guy on his hands and knees. So they went to him and said, "Pardon me sir, do you need any help? Any assistance at all? Is there anything we can do?" "

He said, "Well I lost my car keys." And they said, " Well we'll help you." And the looked all around there and in all that lighted place under the street lamp where he was working, nobody could find the keys. So they said, " Where do you think you might have lost it?" And he said, "Well I was going through that passage over there, that alley way and I had to get something out of my pocket and I could have dropped it back there." And they said, "Well why are you looking here?" He said, "Cause the light is so good." #33:02

This is what happens to doctors, they look in the serum because it is so easy to do. But that isn't where the hormones are. Now you don't really care how much is floating in the blood stream it depends on how much gets to the tissues

When I was an intern at Minneapolis General Hospital the only activity we had for any exercise was to play volleyball in the alleyway behind the hospital. It was the alleyway where they had all the garbage cans. So I fell into one of the garbage cans and cut my leg. At that time penicillin had just come out and in fact this was the first oral version of penicillin and they talked me into taking it. Thinking that I needed it for that, but my leg healed up fine. But I broke out in hives and the hives lasted really bad for 2 weeks. And I had to take benedrill like it was popcorn and to keep the hives away and then gradually it went away. Then sometime later it was discovered that that form of penicillin actually bound up with a protein in the blood stream so that it never got absorbed. #34:11

It floated around in the blood stream and never got excreted and never got absorbed, it never got to the tissues where the germs were and so they stopped that. But I remember that very clearly the blood levels didn't mean diddly, because if it doesn't get out of the bloodstream and into the tissues then it hasn't done anything. Except this one gave me hives, the only allergy that I know of.

How do you measure how much is in the tissues? Well it turns out that when blood goes through the saliva glands, the gland tissue picks up the real hormone because it is very fatty tissue in you saliva glands and so it passes readily into that but the ones that are clearly bound up with the protein to become water soluble don't. So therefore the used up hormone, the hormone that is being excreted does not enter into the saliva gland but the real hormone does. And then the saliva that is made by the gland carries the same amount of the hormone because that saliva is not water. It is a mucal polysaccharide and it absorbs the hormones directly from the tissues. So when you do a saliva test you are measuring only the true hormone, Isn't that beautiful? And it is much less painless than having a needle stuck in and get the blood out. And it is whole lot cheaper and it is perfectly accurate and scientists have been using it for over 20 years and yet the doctors out there in the United States, this country will claim, "Gee! we don't think it is very accurate." or "Gee! we don't do that or "Gee! I never heard of it" or "Gee! It is unreliable." #35:53

None of those things are true, we don't care if they have not heard of it or not. It is still the gold standard for measuring hormones because you are measuring the real hormone so we have to teach people how to do saliva testing.

In my first book I wrote a chapter called "The dance of the steroids." And the dance of the steroids is you have to pretend that may be they have a hat on that is the hat of a fireman and in the dance it can be changed to another person can be fireman and you can become the baker. And the baker can become the carpenter. And the carpenter can become the soldier. And the soldier can become the house wife and so on. And in the dance they are all exchanging places and all keeping everything in balance. Of course some eventually go through the liver and get coated with protein and get excreted. But more are coming in all the time. So it is a very lively exchange that is going on. And the whole thing the body wants is to determine the right balance. #36:46

You don't want whole bunch of oestrogen and no progesterone. It is the balance of the two and different people have different amount of hormone. It is not the actual, what they call the absolute level, some people may be have twice as much hormone as someone else, that doesn't matter. Some people might have twice as much hair as somebody else you see. But it is the balance that the body wants to achieve and the body can't do it if you are deficient in progesterone. Because once you can longer make progesterone your oestrogen will become oestrogen dominance and these two hormones are very, very important. Oestrogen dominance leads to cancer, if it is balanced by progesterone the cancer doesn't occur. #37:28

People will ask you, "Where does you progesterone come from? You have got a cream that you claim has some progesterone in it." Well getting progesterone was not easy up until the late 1930's. They tried getting it from pigs. You see it is made by the ovaries of all mammals but it is made in very tiny amounts and it is quickly excreted. And you make a lot more when you are pregnant. In fact you make 30 to 40 to 50 times more but even if you were to kill a pregnant pig and try to get the progesterone out of it. It is so tiny that it will take ten thousand pigs to get the amount of progesterone that is in one jar of cream, wow!

However there was a young teacher from Pennsylvania State University who found that he could, he devised a chemical pathway to convert these fats and oils into some plants into real honest to God progesterone. And this was in the middle of the depression, an ounce of progesterone before this fellow was US$ 35000 an ounce. And after he learned how to do this he gave it to the world with no atent, no nothing. He told everybody, "If you want progesterone this is how you do it." And later other scientists found how to turn that progesterone into cortisol, into testosterone, into oestrogen. So we have this source and the cost of production, progesterone fell from US$ 35000 an ounce down to US$7 an ounce. Isn't that something?#39:06

You have got only one way to measure it. You cannot do it with serum. Serum will not measure the real hormone. Whatever number the doctor gets back on the lab slip is meaningless. Just as straight as that, there is nothing about it. Saliva tells you exactly how much is getting to the tissues and that's what you want.

So the difference between blood and tissue levels we talked about. The amount in the blood is actually not important. It is how much gets to the tissues, because if it just rides in blood it can't do anything. It has to get to the tissues to be absorbed by the cells to combine with the receptor to travel to the nucleus to find the right chromosome. And on the right chromosome it has to find the right gene and then it has to activate the gene and it does it all in about a fourth of a second. And then it gets released to do it again. Isn't that something? #39:59

People have an odd notion of how much hormone you have in your body. If I were to tell that the amount of hormone to convert a young lady say 9, 10, 11 years old into a full bosomed woman with pubic hair and periods, everything. How much, lets say estrodiol, oestrogen a day? Estrodiol is the most potent one, how much estrodiol a day does she have to make to become a woman? And I tell you it is a third of a milligram. Now do you know what a third of a milligram is?

Probably not it is something you use when you go to the post office or go to the grocery store. But let's say you start with a letter that you can fold up and send it off to somebody for one first class stamp that has to be one ounce or less. So a full letter that can send on a first class stamp is an ounce. There is 32 grammes to an ounce

So you take that letter, cut it in to 8 pieces that way and 4 pieces this way so that you get 32 little pieces pick one of these little pieces up and that is a gramme. Now you take that little gramme and you cut it up into a thousand little pieces, Smaller that a piece of dandruff, smaller than snow flake and one of these is a milligramme. #41:24

Willim aside:- UK photocopy paper is 80 - 120 g/m2, say 100 g/m2 to keep the sums simple :-
100g = 1m2 (1 square metre)
100g = 1000 * 1000 mm2
so 1g 1000 *10 mm2
so 1mg = 10 mm2
5mm * 2mm
1lb = 16oz = 454.54g so 1 oz = 28.4g - aside complete

That young girl to become a grown up woman needs a third of one of those. Whoa! That's a potent hormone, imagine breasts developing, hips building up a little extra flesh on them, pubic hair growing, the whole business of monthly periods, a third of a millgramme.

Now progesterone is a very mild hormone and it works in amounts of 5, 10 or 15mg that's not very much. It is still a very tiny amount, it is not nearly as powerful as estrodiol is but it is really a tiny amount and that amount that she needs each day. #42:05

Say that you find that there ovaries have been damaged maybe they were damaged by spraying the fields with pesticides and this is what happens. A woman might be pregnant and she eats food that was made from things that were exposed to pesticide it is not enough to hurt the mum but it is enough to hurt the baby. And the thing it hurts it happens is the part of the ovary that makes the progesterone. So when she becomes 18 she is making her hormones just right and she can get pregnant like that. (snap of fingers)

If she is 28 and she has run out of good follicles in the good ovaries because instead of having 300_000 follicles she may have only 100_000 that were functional or maybe half of that and she runs out. She runs out when she is 28 or 30 years old and she can have all the sex that she can stand and she won't get pregnant any more because she doesn't have progesterone. And without progesterone a conception cannot survive. #43:07

That is the whole meaning of the word progesterone. Gestation is the time from conception until the baby is born. The hormone that makes that happen is the progesterone, the pro- gestation hormone. If you don't have that you can't do these things. And you can't protect yourself from breast cancer.

Dr Zava my co-author has been doing saliva tests on women for about 20 years and in 20 years he has done millions. And he looked up to see when people get breast cancer how good their progesterone is. And he finds that almost always they are low on progesterone, high in oestrogen that is why we call it oestrogen dominance. He only found one lady out of a million that he has where she had plenty of progesterone and she got her breast cancer. And when he was allowed to see the tissues he tested her to see if she had a receptor for the progesterone. Remember I told you these hormones require a receptor. She was born with a defect, she herself could not make the progesterone receptor. The cells have to make it in anticipation of the arrival of the progesterone and in her case she had the progesterone but she couldn't work without the receptors. And she got her breast cancer when she was 16 and she died within 6 weeks. There is no treatment that could be done without the progesterone. Nothing would work, the cancer just grew right on. So it is the most fantastic thing in the world. You have to understand all these things. #44:38

Absolute and relative hormone levels, absolute means that the lab slip comes back and says 2 mg/ml (milligramme/millilitre). It might fall into what the doctor says is the normal range. The normal range doesn't mean it is the right thing. The normal range if you look at it 5 - 10 times, it goes from a small number to a big number, it is all normal range. What is normal for one person is not normal for someone else. You don't care what the absolute level is.#45:06

You want to know what the ratios are. You want to find what the right ratios are so we call that the relative hormone levels. And it is the relative hormone levels that you have to read.

You have to read our book because the doctor will say, "Oh! you are in normal range." If you were the only person in the room that wasn't colour blind and everybody else was colour blind you would be the abnormal one. Do you follow that? #45:27

Just the fact that a lot of women might have low progesterone doesn't mean that it is the right thing, they need the progesterone but their bodies can't make it any more.

In the United States it has been tested, you measure the hormone levels in people as they grow up and you find that by the time the women in this country reach 35, half of you are unable to make progesterone and you are the half that is going to get breast cancer. And in the boys half of them by the time they reach 35 half of them can only make half of the amount of sperm that their daddy did. Their testes have been damaged. The same thing that is happening to women is happening to men. There is a wonderful book out by Theo Colburn, Dr Theo Colburn. She wrote a book entitled "Our Stolen Future" and it is about the failure of the production of these hormones. And if it continues at the rate it is going it means in two generations there will be no more babies, wow! So that you have to learn about that. #46:27

Natural versus synthetic i.e. no one should use a synthetic hormone, there is no reason to, the real hormones have been available for 50 years and they are available to anybody who wants them. You can get the real estrone, the real estrodiol you can get the real testosterone, you can get the real progesterone.#46:45

The relevance of those problems to oestrogen induced diseases. That is what we are going to come to next. If you can convince a doctor to do a saliva test and you want to see what somebody's hormones are. You can get the saliva any time of the day and you will be pretty close. However if the woman is applying hormone as a little dab if you want to find out how much her body is getting. Two hours after the application of a 20mg dose of progesterone in the saliva it rises a 1000 times, you see this tremendous rise and it lasts for 2- 3 hours. And then it tapers off because the body starts to excrete it and by 24 hours it is almost all gone. So it is very important how long after applying the cream did you collect the saliva. If you collect the saliva 2 or 3 hours after applying the cream you are going to find a very high number. But if the next doctor tests the saliva at 24 hours you are going to find a very low number. #47:43

So one doctor will say, "I tested this woman and she has very high progesterone." And other doctors will say , "I tested her, she is very low, she is practically out." That's because they didn't know about this curve, this is what I call the absorption excretion curve

And the typical doctor will say, "Collect the saliva in the morning." And the next morning you collect the saliva before you take it again, that's 24 hours. It has already passed through your body. You don't want to do that. #48:12

My way of doing it all these years was to pick 10 hours as the half way point. So I standardised the test by doing it at 10 hours. Like for instance I use my progesterone at 7 o'clock in the morning 10 hours after that if I want to collect some saliva it would be 5 hours to noon and then another 5 hours would be 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I would collect my saliva at 5 o'clock in the afternoon that way I would be doing it 10 hours after applying the cream. Right, And if you do it that same way every time then the numbers all become meaningful.

There is a beautiful study that was just published in Australia from the University of Western Australia. They took rats, they took away their ovaries and their adrenal glands. They took rats and they tested it and they made the cream radioactive so that they could use a geiger-counter or something to test the radio activity. Three hours after applying one dab on these rats the progesterone was 100% absorbed, it was in the brain, it was in the heart it was in the lungs, it was in the ovaries, it was in the uterus, it was all in the body just as if the body had made it itself. #49:20

And the conclusion of the doctors is that there is no longer any doubt the one and only way to use progesterone or these sex steroids is as a transdermal application. It equals the amount that your body would absorb as if the ovaries made it or if you gave it directly into an artery some place. You don't lose a bit of it, it is all well absorbed. Taking it by mouth you lose 80-90% of it, it gets digested goes to the liver gets coated with protein it's gone. You never saw it, so the only way is by cream #49:54

The breast cancer factors that increase the risk. If you look at them

early menstruation
late menopause
having no children,
having the first child after the age 30

Those are all ways where you body does not get a rest, a rest from making oestrogen. When you are pregnant you don't make extra oestrogen, you don't make the estrodiol, you make a lot of estriol which has no cancer risk at all. When you breast feed you are not making your hormones so you have this time of grace when the oestrogen dominance that you normally have is gone, so that's good. So that all of these show that something about oestrogen is causing this. Now nearly every risk factor for breast cancer is either directly or indirectly associated with oestrogen dominance. #50:36

These were the things that I had learned that caused oestrogen dominance:-

the diet,
nutritional things,
iatrogenic and

In the diet sugars and highly refined starches ended up making people oestrogen dominant.

In the nutritional things, it was people that had a damaged liver. If their liver wasn't very good the liver couldn't excrete it very well so therefore you ended up with more hormone and at that time when it said impaired liver function when I first wrote that I was thinking of drinkers, alcoholics having cirrhosis or something but I don't think that anymore. Did you know that Prozac interferes with the P450 system in your liver so you can't excrete your oestrogen? #51:20

Women who are misdiagnosed with depression will be given Prozac and the Prozac will affect the liver and her oestrogen dominance rises. And if you read the PDR, the Physicians Desk Reference, it says it screws up the menstrual cycles. It causes heavier bleeding, it causes women to get fat, it causes women to have breast swelling all the things excess oestrogen does. And it is all because Prozac damages the liver. #51:44

And in the environment we have all these oestrogen fed steers. They take steers castrate them, they give them oestrogen. They call it a growth factor and they are giving them oestrogen, and the oestrogen is fat soluble and it enters the fat of the meat. They do it because the farmer can get the steer to market with less time and less feed. And he is giving grain that is contaminated by all of these insecticides. So you are eating that that. When people go out and have a hot dog they are eating all of this stuff and it is all this extra oestrogen.

And you wonder how come all those kids 8 and 10 years old, how come are starting going through puberty already. It is because of all this environmental oestrogen. These are called xeno oestrogens and under stress. It turns out stress make cortisol, cortisol stops your body from making progesterone. It inhibits the progesterone's use of its own receptors so you end up with oestrogen dominance. #52:38

And Iatrogenic means doctor caused, you all know "iatro” it is in the word “physciatro”, it means doctor and the “genisis” means the cause. The doctor causes it by giving birth control pills and HRT.

And all of these things are of these things are preventable, you don't have to have these things. You can learn how to eat, how to protect your liver. You can learn how to handle stress. You can learn about the environmental things and you could learn how to eat properly and stay away from the hormones that the doctor gives, and you won't have these things. #53:09

You all know what insulin is? It is a hormone that you make that allows you to convert the sugar into fat. When people's insulin rises that sugar goes down. There are people who develop insulin resistance then insulin goes up and they still have high blood sugar. Nobody knows exactly how that happens, but it is a very bad thing when that happens because you get a twofold increase of developing metastatic breast cancer, but a threefold increase of dying from it. Your cells can't utilise your own sugar, so you are sick from the insulin not working, but only in the cells in your body that aren't affected by insulin resistance are cancer cells. So the cancer cells just love to grow on the sugar that you eat. Yeah the cancer cells don't develop insulin resistance, just the other parts of your body.

So I am going to show you where insulin resistance comes from. It comes from young kids and from then on eating all the bad stuff. All the sugary stuff and the starchy stuff including American pasta. American pasta is not the same as Italian pasta. Italian pasta is the whole grain. American pasta is made out of flour. You don't want to eat things made out of flour. #54:18

Going to show you something here. Now this is a study done by the CDC, the Centre for Disease Control, started in 1985. They started measuring to see how fat people were. How many fat people there were in the different States. You are all getting fat and you are getting fat because you don't know how to eat.

We have to wake up to this. We know that oestrogen causes cancer. Some doctors have taken cultures of breast cancer and they apply a little oestrogen to it, estrodiol and those cells turn a certain gene on. They turn on BCL2and BCL2 tells that cell to become cancer. Progesterone stops it, it turns on a different called P53 and that stops the BCL2 and the cancer doesn't develop, we know all that. #55:02

There are other doctors like Dr Cavalieri at the University of Nebraska. He has been studying what happens to the progesterone that the breasts make and he finds that if you don't know how to eat you don't get the right nutrients. That it goes into the liver and turns out to become a type, a compound that will attack your DNA and cause mutations in your genes leads directly to cancer. So there you have the combination of too much oestrogen not learning how to eat, not getting the right nutrition and it will eventually damage the genes and cause the cancer.

Dr Cavalieri has been writing about this for the last 20 years. And the last one, the last paper showed ought to be removed from the diet, how to replace the things you should eat so that the oestrogens can be metabolised correctly and they won’t publish it. And he called the agency, the National Institute of Health and said, "Why aren't you publishing? You published all my other papers." They said, “Dr Cavalieri we published your other papers. We were hoping you would find some way to treat breast cancer. You found a way to prevent it. We are not interested in that, we want a treatment to sell." And they won't publish it.

He called me up he is about 80 now. He called me up and said , "John what can we do? How can we get this information out and so I sic him on to Bill Gates. I sicced him on to Bill Gates and we are going to approach Bill Gates and see if we can start educating people how to eat right.

Here is an example from England where the progesterone level on the day of surgery 18 years later was found to show these women who had good progesterone on the day of surgery had 100% better survival than the women who had low progesterone. And this was in women who had metastases already present at the time of surgery. And 18 years later the ones that had good progesterone on the day of surgery they had a survival rate of about 66% and of those that were low in progesterone had a survival rate of about 36%, it was half.

So imagine there is nothing that strong that your doctor can give you that can double your survival rate18 years later. And the doctor who did this, Dr Moore, didn't bother to measure the progesterone levels as the years went on. If he had measured the progesterone and when the progesterone started to fall in these women they could add a little bit. That would have protected them and they wouldn't have any.

I want to give you something to think about, the prostate develops in men from the same embryonic cells that the uterus does in women. They are the same beginning cell and as one develops into a prostate and one develops into a uterus. We know that unopposed oestrogen is the only known cause of cancer of the uterus. Now in prostate the doctors are trying to remove all the testosterone to treat people with prostate cancer. And what has really happened is that over the years the man's testosterone has diminished and their estrodiol, their oestrogen has risen so that the ratio that they had when they were 18 years old was loaded with testosterone, and no 18 year old man develops prostate cancer. But when they get to be 65 or 70 the ratio has turned now the oestrogen is the strong one and the testosterone has fallen. That's when they start developing their prostate cancers along with the progesterone has fallen.

So we see the same thing is happening in the prostate and the tests have already been done. 5 Years ago we took prostate cancer cells, this was a professor at the University of Santa Barbara in California. Prostate cancer cells and we gave them a little bit of estrodiol and the cancer cells grew like mad. And we gave them a little testosterone and a little progesterone and it stopped it cold.

Before I retired I was treating patients with prostate cancer with a little testosterone and a little progesterone. I was teaching them how to eat well so they didn't eat things with a lot of oestrogen in it. Didn't eat a lot of coca-colas and all the sugary stuff and they are all doing fine.

They all had prostate cancer, that had been proven by biopsy and they are all doing fine. They have created a men's luncheon club. It is the Men’s Prostate Cancer Luncheon Club and it has become all round the bay area in San Francisco, it has become a club and once a year I get invited to give a talk because they were just wondering if I had learned anything in the last year.

But we have been giving these people testosterone, progesterone and a diet and some nutrients and some anti-oxidants and they probably still have prostate cancer but they are not sick. It hasn't progressed and it has been 15 years. And there is no evidence that the treatment that conventional medicine uses does anything.

You see prostate cancer can fool you because it is really a very slow developing cancer. In breast cancer do you know how long it takes for cluster of breast cancer cells to become twice the size? It is called the doubling time, the doubling time for breast cancer cells is 3 – 4 months, the doubling time for prostate cancer in men over 65 is 5 years. Wow!

So when someone makes an early discovery , so says you must go and get a check up, go get a biopsy and they find a little bit. And then they treat him. And a year later the guy is still well they say, " look how good our treatment is." three years later the guy is still well. It would have happened if they had done nothing because they get tricked into believing that. They don't understand that the doubling time is 5 years. So naturally everything looks great for 3 or 4 years and then in the fifth year it has doubled in size. And then they discover, and we have also discovered that the PSA test has no significance whatsoever.

PSA is a protein that is made by normal prostate cells. It rises when it is being crowded when a normal cell is being crowded by other cells growing too rapidly it makes this PSA. The PSA is compound that tells the other cells not to be able to develop capillaries to them. It is an angiogenesis thing and the PSA stops angiogenesis of the cells that are multiplying rapidly in the prostate. Testosterone is a direct antagonist to oestrogen. We should be treating prostate cancer the same way we treat breast cancer. And the way we treat breast cancer is to establish the right hormonal balance.

Hormone balancing is the key and behind it is everything else. behind it is stress or under it is stress, it is nutrition, it is all the other things that you know about. But you will get no success from these other things unless you restore normal hormone balance. And that means learning how to measure for the right hormones, learning how to apply, to tell you what to take.

The typical woman doesn't need extra oestrogen. The typical woman has too much oestrogen. The typical woman needs progesterone and maybe a little testosterone.

And the only way you are going to find out is to learn to do saliva testing. So my whole point here is I want to open your minds so that you understand ... what these hormones mean.

We have been mistreated for 35 years not only do they, now everybody agree that treatment was bad and shouldn't be used. But the medical profession does not step forward to say, "well we know how to correct it."

I am saying we know how to correct it and I am saying it not because I learned, I did anything, I just learned what the scientists had really found and this is what we are trying to tell people what happens and then from you people are going to teach others.

This is a perfect time for you to enter the field of progesterone sales. But you have got to do it the right way or people won't have these good effects that I am telling you about. Don't fall into the trap of a little but is good more should be better, it doesn't happen. just like glasses a little refraction might be right, but double refraction 3 times worse wouldn't be good for your eyes. If you wear size 7 shoes and somebody says, "Oh, wear size 21." You don't walk as well. You don't walk as well you haven't got the right amount and the right amount now can be tested.

You can guess, see it is perfectly safe, that is the nice thing about progesterone when you are pregnant you make 350mg a day. When you are not pregnant you make 15 mg a day. Imagine the safe range. So you try a dose and then 3 months later you try another saliva test. And if you are right on, if you have got the right balance. The right balance is 300 to 1. The progesterone should be 300 times greater than the estrodiol. If you have that, then that's fine, if it's still too low then you can raise it a bit, if it's way too high you bring it down.

And learn how to collect the saliva 10 hours after applying the cream.

And if they are low in testosterone, good study done by the Harvard doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital say the only way to do it is with saliva. The only treatment is with the cream, and the cream is only the fourth to half of a milligram. It is just as potent as oestrogen is, but it does the opposite things. Oestrogen causes the breast to swell, testosterone prevents it. So oestrogen causes cancer to develop, testosterone prevents. So if people are low in testosterone they have to do that.

We can do all these things, it is not expensive and it works so well but we can teach all these things.

I would say don't blame the doctors, blame the pharmaceutical companies. They have known about this all these years Even the oestrogen patches they still release to do a saliva test. Do you know that all the oestrogen they sell is over-dosed at the rate of 8 to 10 times greater than need even if you are low in oestrogen. But they are telling doctors to give it to people whether they need it or not.

It is an amazing thing, and it is an amazing opportunity for you all to have. You have to gain this knowledge and become a force of right in the treating of these people men and women. And we can bring this health back to the people that they had before. That's why I come out and give these talks.

Thank you very much

# # #