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http://www.healthyhormones.com/news/news08.htm Hormone Heresy, Estrogen's Deadly Truth, Part I by Dr Sherrill Sellman, extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, #4 (June - July 1996)

This was the second article that I read that set me down this path and these web pages. It is rather to the point. :-) :-)

http://www.whale.to/m/sellman1.html HORMONE HERESY - Oestrogen's Deadly Truth - © 1996 by Dr Sherrill Sellman

http://www.whatwomenmustknow.com/ Dr Sherrill's Home Page

http://www.whatwomenmustknow.com/ And click on the Resources Tab there are some good articles ..

List of articles which were on the web site as of 03-Oct-2008, You may or may not find them in the Resources Tab and subsequent links/pages.

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Myths & Truths About Woman's Hormones - What Women MUST Know

The Amazing Ovaries and - What Women MUST Know
A Deadly Obsession - Hooked On Cell Phones
A Healthy Mouth Is A Healthy Body and - What Women MUST Know

Osteoporosis - The Bones Of Contention
Can Late Nights Give You Breast Cancer? What Women MUST Know
Breast Cancer - What Your Doctor Won't Tell You -- 7.5Mb file so takes time to download

The Greatest Breakfast Drink Ever!
And You Should Be Having It Everyday!
Survival Strategies- For The Wireless Age

Cellphone Dangers - Electropollution, Hormones and Cancer
Drugs On Tap - Drink Up

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