88 Dr Janette D. Sherman

Janette D. Sherman, M.D.(New York and London: Taylor and Francis, 2000).
ISBN 1-56032-870-3. Life's Delicate Balance THE CANCER MOVEMENT: Independent, Sold-Out, or Bought Up? (see ../15.htm).

Another book? (or the same one?) still available Dec, 2015
ISBN 978-1-56032-870-4 - Life's Delicate Balance: Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer: A Guide to the Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer

These were links to chapters in Dr Janette D. Sherman's book ... none of them link as of Dec, 2015

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/01.htm All Life is Connected Cancer in humans and wildlife

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/02.htm The Delicate Balance of Life - How cancer grows

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/03.htm Risks for Breast Cancer

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/04.htm Breast Cancer Diagnosis Mammographic and other methods

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/05.htm RADIATION From Bikini Island to Long Island

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/06.htm Radiation Nuclear and X-Ray

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/07.htm Hormones One ... DES

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/08.htm HORMONES Two .. False Hormones

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/09.htm Tamoxifen

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/10.htm POST-MENOPAUSAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT Questions and risks

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/11.htm GENETIC CONNECTION The biology, economic and social ramifications

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/12.htm THE BREAST CANCER EPIDEMIC ON LONG ISLAND

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/13.htm DISEASES IN MEN Breast, prostate, and testicular cancer, and sperm abnormalities

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/14.htm QUESTIONS, HISTORY, ETHICS AND MORALITY The global marketplace

http://www.safe2use.com/drsherman/life/15.htm THE CANCER MOVEMENT Independent, Sold-Out, or Bought Up?

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