Timeline file 850_20210225_Subs_AlexS_01.ods [30.56kB] approx. ODSODS Calc icon which can be sorted on column A or B and/or developed by others.

"Dates" given as e.g. early January or e.g. late January in the reference PDFs should not be taken as exact. To achieve the objective of a "timeline" approximations were made.

Where times were supplied they have been used, if no times supplied the time shown is 00:00.

Two PDFs are prints of the sorts on columns A & B of the above spreadsheet file.

Sort on column B - Date order  850_20210225_Subs_AlexS_01_226_ByDate.pdf [69.61kB] approx. PDF Acrobat PDF icon

Sort on column A - Document order 850_20210225_Subs_AlexS_01_225_ByDoc.pdf [68.96kB] approx. PDF Acrobat PDF icon

The two documents from the public domain, have their original names prefixed by "850_" for ease of web page construction, the spreadsheet was based on follow:- 850_Alex_Salmond_Final_Submission.pdf [1.0MB] approx. PDF Acrobat PDF icon
850_Alex_Salmond_(5)_(furthehttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-56209521r_redactions_23.02.2021).pdf [925.0kB] approx. PDF Acrobat PDF icon

This is a 'transcript' of the BBC report of 26-Feb-2021 19:25 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-scotland-56202365 - 850_20210226_Holyrood_01_227.pdf [111.01kb] approx. PDF Acrobat PDF icon

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