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Natural progesterone USP has no side effects when used in NORMAL PHYSIOLOGIC DOSES. Follow the directions of your doctor, or those in Dr. John R. Lee's book, WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE.

If you are on an oestrogen supplement, remember that progesterone causes your body to make oestrogen, so you will need less oestrogen supplement. Dr. Lee suggests cutting the dose in half to begin with, and then reducing it slowly over a period of six months.

The Normal Physiologic dose for a woman is 20mg for the second half of her monthly cycle, for a man 10mg per day.

This lead me to a search about John Lee and progesterone. The most readable transcript I came across was at:- http://www.keepsmilin.com/transcriptdrlee.htm

I hope the transcriptions on this site are as readable.

Conventional HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) ERT (Oestrogen Replacement Therapy) is wrong it probably creates more health problems for women than it solves.

John Lee listened to the women who he was treating for osteoporosis and found this was the treatment for many other women's health issues

I have come across many pages of gratitude expressed by cured women such as the links on this page:- 18_Success_Stories

Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy BHRT

Cholesterol is not all bad. See the transcript below.HDL Cholesterol should be about one third of the Total Cholesterol

Cholesterol has many functions: brain cells need it; it is an efficient method of energy storage; it is an important constituent of cell membranes and nerve sheath (myelin) insulation; and (very important) it is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D and all our steroid hormones such as cortisone and the gonadal hormones (progesterone, testosterone, oestrogen). After synthesis in the liver, cholesterol in enveloped in a protein for transport through the bloodstream. It accumulates at the site of inflamed lining cells of our arteries but its usual target is a fat cell (for storage) or an organ that needs it for further use as a recursor for synthesis of important hormones.

Optimal Health Guidelines , Page 31 John R Lee MD

The total cholesterol in our blood is, except for extreme ranges not a good indicator of this cardiovascular risk. The great majority of people with heart attacks have total cholesterol levels in the normal range. When serum cholesterol is measured, it is important to also measure the HDL fraction. The ratio of HDL cholesterol to total cholesterol is a far better predictor of heart attacks. In the US the average ration of HDL to total cholesterol is 1:5 or 20%. The average in the US is not especially healthy, as the US leads the world in the incidence of heart attack deaths. It would be much better if the HDL total cholesterol ratio were 1:3 or 33% HDL, for example.

Optimal Health Guidelines , Page 31 John R Lee MD

Conventional “wisdom” thinks that eating fat, especially cholesterol rich food, causes serum cholesterol concentrations to rise, and the serum cholesterol is the cause of atherosclerosis. Neither these are true. Sugar and refined carbohydrates are more potent than fat in raising serum cholesterol, a discovery brought to our attention over 30 years ago by Dr John Yudkin of England and re-affirmed recently by Frost, Dore et al in Lancet 1999; 353: 1045-48. And cholesterol per se, is not the cause of atherosclerosis; it is a marker of a underlying disorder wrought by metabolic imbalance.

Optimal Health Guidelines , Page 34 John R Lee MD

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