9231 Safety

On the web there have been stories of a maid's boyfriend, in one case, and workers on a farm, in the second case, dispatching expats for their possessions. It may be best if one keeps a low profile.

http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/76351/couple-robbed-killed-in-cordova ... 30-Nov-2015 The murder story of Ranilo & Elisa Tampus make one think. USD 6000 GBP 4000 is PHP 280 000, to expats that is not much money to be killed for, however it a large sum of money for the attackers.

For large payments I would suggest do NOT obtain cash. Ask for a Manager's Check, (Cheque - UK) you will feel safer, it may only add 20 minutes to your bank visit. Two bonuses of a Manager's Check are there is no repeated counting of the money by the parties involved in the transaction and it is not nearly so heavy. :-) :-)

There have been stories of workers/security guards in the banks letting it slip that someone has a large sum of cash and then the person has been attacked and robbed. Whether these stories are true or not I cannot say for definite.

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