80 Hormone Balance - Saliva Testing

Here is list of symptoms which may happen due to estrogen dominance which was originally at http://www.ylcf.org/hormone-imbalance/06.htm Miriam Brazel started documenting her story in 1997 and revised it in 2002. There are 24 pages in the complete document, now see 95 Miriam Brazel - My Starting Point ..

Stress --> Hormone Imbalance --> "Health Issue" Stress leads to Cortisol production, the Cortisol then blocks the progesterone receptors and then hormone imbalance can occur. For more details click to skip to 08 Stress

You may wish to do the online hormone tests at http://www.johnleemd.com/store/resource_hormonetest.html these are for guidance to which saliva tests should be ordered.

If they recommend you obtain hormones please have a saliva test done to confirm the requirement for progesterone or any other hormones. The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests. For saliva test kits see:-

http://www.zrtlab.com Dr David Zava's web site, one of John R Lee's co-authors. THE site for saliva tests. In the UK use the "Official test Provider of ZRT Laboratory" https://hormonelab.co.uk/ It is now quite difficult to send "specimens" by courier or International post to USA.

A saliva test will check out active hormones something that BLOOD TESTS do NOT.

Please read the transcript of the John Lee of October/November 1995 talk which is at http://www.keepsmilin.com/transcriptdrlee.htm

I have transcribed John Lee's December 2002 and June 2003 talks click on 05 John R Lee MD 2002 Dec or 06 John R Lee MD 2003 Jun or also the left side of this page.

Any of these talks explain why for active hormone levels a blood test is worthless. Blood tests find hormones, but they are the ones on their way out of the body having done their work. They are not the active hormones. The sections in the John Lee December 2002 & June 2003 talks above are at
December 2002 1#20:03 - 1#23:12, 1#44:07 - 1#45:37 and 2#31:09 - 2#33:05
June 2003 #34:11 - #39:59

If a hormone is suggested by the saliva test please take the dose suggested. Size 10 shoes are not twice as good if you have size 5 feet.

After having done a saliva test I would suggest you talk to one of the consultants at https://www.whatclinic.com/doctors/uk/bioidentical-hormone-therapy who are aware of the benefits of natural progesterone they may be more helpful than your GP (General Practioner)/MD. Maybe you are about to educate your GP before using the hormones. In countries other than the UK there are doctors knowledgeable about natural progesterone and other hormones. Search the web for “natural progesterone doctor “country” ”

If you buy progesterone on the web it must be natural progesterone USP or BP. USP means United States Pharmacopoeia and BP British Pharmacopoeia. Have a look on Amazon for USP or BP Progesterone or https://www.johnleemd.com/bioidentical-progesterone-natural-progesterone-cream-list.html

Wild Yam is that Wild Yam, the body will not convert it to progesterone. Wild Yam is in some cases the source for the material to manufacture natural / bio-identical (biologically identical to human) progesterone. Also do not take fake / synthetic progesterone/progestins /progestagens manufactured by the drug companies they will be of NO benefit.

Natural progesterone means natural to humans i.e. identical to that produced by the human body and this is what your body needs. For a good explanation of how hormones and cells work see http://www.wellnesstips.ca/how%20hormones%20work.htm .

If you select page 99 Susan Aschoff - A Summary This is quite a good summary of John R Lee's efforts from the St Petersburg Times of 25-February-2003

Formerly at http://www.natural-progesterone-advisory-network.com/depression-and-natural-progesterone/ "It is estimated that 10% of people who visit their physician suffer from major depression, although it in most cases it goes unrecognized or inadequately treated." <- - 2007-07-01 10:00 Well that brings on yet another MegaGrowl from me ... GRRRrrrrowl!!


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