08.5 Stress and Other Diagrams


 Willim's Stress Diagram. stress_004.pdf 35.17kB. Acrobat PDF icon

 SteroidGenesis Diagram. SteroidGenesis_Pathways_01.pdf [56kb] approx. Acrobat PDF icon

Also shown are some vitamins, their solubility and also the effects of under (lack of) and overdosing

 Progesterone Levels Diagram. ProgestLevel_01.pdf [59kb] approx. Acrobat PDF icon

 Link to Barley Cousins, Progestins etc. Diagram. Barley Cousins and Progestins etc_01.pdf [56kb] approx. Acrobat PDF icon

The diagram aims to explain that Progestins, Progestagens, Progestogens etc are NOT Progesterone.

To make Scotch Malt Whisky barley must be used. Other grains can be used to make whiskeys but they are NOT Scotch Malt Whisky.

It is much the same with Progestins, Progestagens, Progestogens etc. they can do a few things Progesterone can do but they do NOT perform all Progesterone's functions e.g. support gestation.

Progesterone is "called" a Progestin, Progestagen, Progestogen, etc. by those that do not know the difference and usually (by Big Drug) when some bad effect is caused by Progestins, Progestagens, Progestogens etc ..

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History and Etymology for progesterone

blend of progestin and luteosterone (borrowed from German Luteosteron, from luteo- luteo- + -steron -sterone), both earlier names for progesterone

Note: The name resulted from a compromise between researchers associated with the earlier names, the American gynecologist Willard M. Allen and embryologist George Washington Corner, and the German biochemists Adolph Butenandt and Karl Heinrich Slotta. See W. M. Allen, A. Butenandt, G. W. Corner, and K. H. Slotta, "Nomenclature of Corpus Luteum Hormone," Nature, vol. 136, number 303 (September 1, 1935), p. 303.

23_RayPeat_Progesterone_3 #20:49
By the early ‘70s the science world had clarified their terminology enough so that they started consistently calling the other molecules progestins or progestogens and so there has been much less scientific confusion about the terms. But medical doctors are still pretty well confused about the difference between anti-progestational progestins and the real progesterone #21:25

If there is any bad effects reported check to determine that it is Progesterone USP or Progesterone BP, C21H30O2 usually it is Progestins, Progestagens, Progestogens etc . being reported on.

Sugar cane requires "processing" for sugar to be obtained. If a recipe suggests 4oz/100g of sugar, 4oz/100g of sugar cane will NOT do the same job

Likewise Wild Yam requires "processing" for progesterone to be obtained. If 20mg of progesterone is required, 20mg of Wild Yam will NOT do the same job.

Be particularly careful of this if attempting to purchase progesterone on-line Wild Yam is NOT progesterone.

It is quality Bio-identical Progesterone if Progesterone USP or Progesterone BP is stated it should be C21H30O2.

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